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Using the Income Withholding Calculators

Notice: The administrative code Chapter DCF 150 Child Support Percentage of Income Standard was amended effective July 1, 2018. BCS is in the process of updating information on this site to conform to those changes.

The reliability of the employer calculators depends on the accuracy of the data entered, as well as the employer's understanding of the terms, definitions, and limitations of the calculators. This page will define the terms, limits and priorities for withholding support for Wisconsin orders.

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Definitions and Descriptions

Consumer Credit Protection Act Limits (CCPA Limits)

The total amount withheld from a paycheck may not exceed the federal CCPA limits as specified on the income withholding notice. The total amount may include withholding under a notice other than income withholding such as an R&D Notice or National Medical Support Notice. The parent will still owe any remaining balance you are unable to withhold and may request that you withhold the total amount that is due, even if it exceeds CCPA limits.

CCPA limits are:

  • 50% of disposable income if the payer has a second family and does not owe past-due support.
  • 55% of disposable income if the payer has a second family and owes past-due support.
  • 60% of disposable income if the payer does not have a second family and does not owe past-due support.
  • 65% of disposable income if the payer does not have a second family and owes past-due support.

A "second family" is a spouse and/or a child living with the parent.

Disposable income is -The part of earnings that remains after deducting federal, state, and local withholding taxes, and Social Security/Medicare taxes.

Gross Income

All income and earnings from all sources. This income may or may not be taxable. Income can be in the form of money, property, or services.

Health Care Premiums

The actual amount that the employee pays for health insurance. It does not include the portion the employer pays.

Medical Support Payments

An Income Withholding Notice might have a dollar amount listed under medical support. Treat this amount as any other support amount ordered that you send to the Trust Fund.

Unpaid Amount

Any amount that is not withheld because it is above and beyond CCPA withholding limits is an unpaid amount and will become past-due if unpaid by the employee.

Withholding Priorities

If the total amount of withholding exceeds the CCPA limits, notify the agency listed on the withholding notice, and withhold support, up to the CCPA limit, in priority order:

  1. Current Support
  2. Spousal Support
  3. Medical Support
  4. Past-due Support
  5. Past-due Spousal Support
  6. Past-due Medical Support
  7. Other fees and costs as specified (examples: birth costs, genetic testing, court costs).
  8. R&D Fees

Income Withholding Calculators

The calculators require MS Excel software. The shaded cells in these calculators are locked to protect the formulas.

Choose the calculator that matches the type of withholding for your employee. All calculators will determine the amount to withhold with the federal CCPA limits. The CCPA limits will be identified on the Income Withholding Notice.

Two Orders and/or Orders from Two States

Support and the R&D Fee

Support and a Health Insurance Premium