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National Adoption Month is coming up in November. In recognition of those who go above and beyond to open their hearts and homes and provide “forever families” for youths, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) will present the 2017 Governor’s Outstanding Adoptive Parent Awards, to recognize and thank adoptive parents for their efforts to improve the lives of children.

DCF is requesting nominations about adoptive parents who go above and beyond, especially those who have adopted sibling groups, teenagers, children with special needs and/or foster care children.

For most, the thought of being unable to secure a job and succeed in employment is completely foreign. But for some parents with significant challenges, finding steady employment can be a daunting task. Through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families’ (DCF) various employment services programs, Wisconsin parents are receiving services and support that empower them to transition into self-sufficiency through work.

Children are Wisconsin’s greatest resource and providing them the support they need to become successful is the best investment any parent can make. In 2017, $934 million was invested into the well-being of children thanks to Wisconsin’s county and tribal child support agencies. To increase public awareness of Wisconsin’s Child Support Program and celebrate parents who provide the financial and emotional support children need to succeed, Governor Scott Walker has proclaimed August as Child Support Awareness Month.

In an effort to shed light on the issue of trafficking in Wisconsin, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) has recently launched the WI, We Need to Talk public awareness campaign.

Aimed at informing Wisconsin citizens about youth sex trafficking, the WI, We Need to Talk campaign can help you recognize the warning signs of trafficking that could be taking place in your community, and what you can do to help the young people who might be at risk.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) has joined the statewide campaign to strengthen children and families in a novel way – with the launch of a community-wide license plate campaign. In partnership with the Celebrate Children Foundation, DCF is calling on you to purchase a Celebrate Children license plate which supports increased access to education, programs and services designed to strengthen families across Wisconsin.

Do you know which child care providers have star power? With DCF's YoungStar website, accessing quality child care for working parents will be easier than ever! Together we can help Wisconsin's little stars shine bright!

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