53206 Early Care and Education Initiative 

Using resources provided in the most recent budget, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) continues to provide needed financial and professional development supports to the early care and education (ECE) workforce in 53206 to create movement in increasing YoungStar ratings of child care programs. Access to community supports are intended to facilitate a supportive environment for first-time entry into higher education.

Update: Increased Family Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Funding

Temporary increased subsidy funding will continue through June 2023

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Increasing access and affordability of early care and education for children and families within the 53206 zip code requires support for local families. From February 2020 through June 2023, you will receive a temporary increased Wisconsin Shares Subsidy amount for any of your children who are between birth and three-years-old.

This temporary increase will help reduce the “parent share” of your portion – the balance owed to your child care provider that isn’t covered by your Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy.

This funding effort is now continuing at the original rate of $105 for full-time care, or $79 for part time care with no gradual step-down through June 2023.

The additional funding will be added monthly to your MyWIChildCare Electronic Benefit Card (EBT) card and will vary based upon whether your child(ren) attend full or part-time child care.

Your Monthly Wisconsin Shares Subsidy will Increase
Months Your MyWIChildCare EBT Card will Receive Additional Funding Full-time
Subsidy Increase
Part-time Subsidy Increase
February 2020 through June 2023 $105 $79

This temporary funding effort is part of Governor Tony Evers’ 53206 Early Care and Education Initiative, which also provides more resources to your child care provider and will impact the quality of care provided to your children.

DCF mailed letters and a fact sheet to parents residing in 53206 who are receiving Wisconsin Shares.

Parent Webinar - Learn more about the 53206 Initiative.

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What if I have questions?

If you reside in 53206 and have further questions that are specific to the 53206 Early Care and Education Initiative, please call the Milwaukee Early Care Administration to speak with a Parent Liaison at 1-888-947-6583 (Press 1, 1, 2, 1 to speak to a Parent Provider Liaison).

DCF will host upcoming parent information seminars to provide financial guidance on the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program and managing your child care costs.

Workforce Pilot

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The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has established contracts with Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA), and 4C-For Children (4C) to support child care teachers, directors, and providers to have access to free credit-based instruction and to increase the quality of the child care environment.

Pilot Purpose: Students from 53206 taking the Infant Toddler Credential will gain understanding of developmental stages for this age group while learning how to best guide and nurture children under the age of three in both center-based and family child care settings. The themes of cultural diversity/sensitivity and reflective practice are woven throughout each course. 

Students who complete the 12-credit Infant Toddler Credential meet The Registry Career Level 9 criteria, and these teachers/providers meet the YoungStar lead teacher educational criteria to reach a 3 Star rating (if all other criteria is met). Coaching support on enhancing the quality of the child care environment will support teachers to put quality practices into place in programming.

Results of the Pilot Project

As a result of this pilot, 22 students from 53206 have completed all required MATC coursework and are in the process of developing their Registry Infant Toddler Portfolio with ongoing support from WECA and The Registry. A Registry Commission is planned for Spring 2021, when students will present their Portfolio to a Registry Commissioner to be eligible to receive a Registry Career Level 9. An additional outcome of this project is that 11 students have applied for a new T.E.A.C.H. scholarship to continue their individual educational pathways in higher education.

Learn more about the T.E.A.C.H. and REWARD Program-Plus.

Download the 53206 Initiative T.E.A.C.H. and REWARD Program-Plus Flyer.

For more information, contact:

Gina Hobbs, T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood WI Scholarship Counselor
Toll-free: 800-783-9322 x 7253
Telephone: 608-729-1053

Early Learning Developmentally Appropriate Environment Kit Support

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4C has received a contract through this pilot project to complete outreach to 53206 child care programs.  2 Star programs, regulated child care programs not yet participating in Youngstar, and programs considering entering regulation are eligible to receive technical consultation and support to increase the quality of their child care environment.  

Through this pilot, 55 child care programs from 53206 have received information of this available support.  Virtual consultation and support is available to each participating program to focus on encouraging high-quality teacher-child interactions, promote gross and fine motor development, and coaching support for reading and talking to children through purposeful play.

Early learning material environment kits are available to these participating programs with specific materials and kits developed for three age groups:

  • Birth to 12 months
  • 12 to 24 months
  • 24 to 36 months

4C will continue to reach out to 53206 programs through spring to provide targeted technical assistance to increase the quality of the infant and toddler child care experience and encourage active participation in YoungStar quality improvement resources.

Results of Pilot Project

Virtual meetings have been presented to recruited child care 53206 programming during November, December and January to share information on the availability of technical consultation, coaching and support services. 4C is continuing to market this available resource to programs and encouraging participation in this learning opportunity.

Additional meetings are planned for first quarter 2021 to provide virtual quality coaching support to enhance the early learning environment. Early Learning Kit delivery will take place later this spring to participating programming.

Dominica Shaw, YoungStar Quality Coach Coordinator
4C-For Children