Emergency Assistance


What is Emergency Assistance?
Emergency Assistance is a one-time payment that can help low-income parents pay an emergency housing or utility-related expense.

Who can receive Emergency Assistance?
Low income individuals who have at least one child in the house and are facing an emergency can receive Emergency Assistance. An emergency could be due to:
• Fire, flood, or natural disaster;
• Homelessness or impending homelessness, or
• Energy crisis.
To be eligible for an Emergency Assistance payment, you must not have received an Emergency Assistance payment in the past 12 months. A worker at the W-2 Agency will determine if you are eligible. 

What can I use an Emergency Assistance payment for?
Emergency Assistance payments can be used to:
• Pay a utility bill if your heat, electricity, sewer, or water service has been stopped;
• Pay a security deposit on a new apartment if you have been evicted; or
• Stop an eviction from your current apartment.

How do I apply for Emergency Assistance?
You can apply for Emergency Assistance online using the ACCESS website

Want to know if you are eligible but not ready to apply?
• You can use the ACCESS website “See if you can get help” page to check your eligibility without applying. 

To apply for Emergency Assistance in person, please visit the “Find a W-2 Agency” page for your local agency contact information.    

What should I bring with me when I apply for Emergency Assistance?
This brochure provides you with a checklist of what you may need when you apply for Emergency Assistance. Required information in the W-2 column may also be needed for Emergency Assistance.

Find your local W-2 agency

Read the Emergency Assistance Policy Manual