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Public Assistance Collection Unit (PACU)

About Us

The Public Assistance Collection Unit (PACU) is responsible for collecting overpayments of public assistance benefits. PACU provides collection services for public assistance programs including: AFDC, Child Care, FoodShare, Job Access Loans, Medical Assistance, Medicaid, Badger Care, Badger Care Plus, Senior Care and W-2.

PACU utilizes the Benefit Recovery Subsystem of CARES (BV) as well as the Central Recoveries Enhanced System (CRES) to facilitate collection processes, fraud tracking processes, and claims management processes.


BRITS, Benefit Recovery Investigation System, is a web-based system used for the creation and tracking of public assistance overpayment and fraud investigation referrals for Child Care (CC), BadgerCare Plus, Medicaid, FoodShare, and Wisconsin Works (W-2) programs.

BRITS is designed to reduce workload, increase program integrity, create efficiencies in fraud and overpayment investigation processes, and facilitate prosecution activities.

PHASE I was implemented November 14, 2016. Phase II will incorporate claims establishment and collection process into BRITS.

Mission Statement

PACU supports program integrity activities by increasing the collection of public assistance overpayments through utilization of efficient and cost-effective automation methods.