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Yellow file folder with blue checkmark.Child Care Subsidy for Milwaukee County Child Care Providers

The MECA Provider Services unit is set up to specifically help and assist Milwaukee County child care providers with payment issuances, rates, and other customer service related issues. It is responsible for auditing, entering, and processing all subsidy payments to contracted child care providers. Each child care provider has a designated Liaison who will assist and guide them with all business-related details pertaining to the Wisconsin Shares program.


MECA Provider Fax Coversheet

Use this fax coversheet when faxing calendars, Sign-In/Sign-Out sheets, or other documents.

Fax Coversheet Word

Fax Coversheet PDF

School-Age Child Report Form

2017 Issuance Schedule Group 1

2017 Issuance Schedule Group 2

Vendor Packet for Licensed Providers Only

For Your Review

It is critical that you read the following documents.


Submit to MECA

Submit to YoungStar

4C for Children
1736 N. 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

YoungStar Application/Contract


How Do I Contact My Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Liaison?

Below are the names and phone numbers of the Milwaukee County Child Care Liaisons.
Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Provider Number Child Care Liaison Phone Number
0000 or 1000 Barbara Lewandowski 414.289.6260
2000 or 3000 Jessica Cropp 414.289.5794
4000 or 5000 Pat Welbon-Encami 414.289.6842
6000 or 7000 Leah Menzel 414.289.6069
8000 or 9000 Karen Wedor 414.289.5713
Provider Liaison Receptionist Pat Welbon-Encami 414.289.6842
Rates, Vendor Packets, EFTs Mike Lowery


Provider Liaison Supervisor Marlene Moctezuma 414.289.6958


*Payments are processed within 10 calendar days after attendance has been submitted. Then payments will be issued the following Saturday.