Filing a Formal Complaint with the Child Support Program


In Wisconsin, county and tribal child support agencies provide child support case management services.

Complaints Against your Child Support Agency

Parents who receive child support services have a right to file a written complaint to have their case reviewed if they believe the child support agency did not take a mandatory action on their case.

To begin the complaint process, you will need to fill out a Complaint Form and submit it to the child support agency working your case.

Each child support agency has a worker who is not involved in your case review your case to provide an unbiased response to your complaint. The agency is required to review the facts in your case and respond to your complaint.

Filing Your Own Court Actions

If you want to take the matter in your child support case before the court yourself, you can file your own "pro se" action. Your county Clerk of Court office can provide a packet containing the forms you need. Forms and instructions are also available online from the Office of State Courts.