mom and dad lifting their child

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) is committed to making our websites and web applications accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. DCF’s accessibility guidance requires sites to meet a set of accessibility requirements based on Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act that include:

  • Providing text equivalents for images
  • Creating accessible forms
  • Supporting flexible font sizes
  • Ensuring sites are functional without a mouse
  • Limiting use of Flash and JavaScript. When used, ensuring the site is still functional if these technologies are not available to users.

If you encounter an accessibility problem while using our website or need information in an alternative format, please contact the DCF equal opportunity officer:

Phone: 608-422-6889

Users may also utilize a phone service by calling the Wisconsin Relay Service (WRS) - 711.

Note: DCF is not responsible for the accessibility of third party sites which may be linked from our sites.