Reports and Data

folder reports and data

DCF publishes many reports about our work improving the lives of Wisconsin families.

Data and statistical reports have been grouped by program area.

Tableau Dashboard Quick User Guide

To request DCF Data for Research or Analytical purposes not available below, please email

For all other questions or requests please contact the main phone number for DCF at: 608-422-7000.

Child Support

Child Support Dashboard

An assortment of child support program performance reports presented in a visually interactive format.

Child Welfare

The Child Welfare Reports and Dashboards page is a resource for those interested in learning more about child welfare data in Wisconsin. Resources include both interactive visual dashboards and static data reports.
The data topics are:

  • Child Protective Services Reports
  • Child Welfare Dashboards
  • Citizen Review Panel Reports and Responses
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and Child & Family Services Review (CFSR) Reports
  • Out-of-Home Care Reports
  • Wisconsin Act 78 Public Disclosure Reports

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program Data

The Wisconsin Shares statistical reports include monthly and quarterly information about number of families and children served by Wisconsin Shares subsidies, program expenditures, and more.

Wisconsin Works

Wisconsin Works Research and Analytics

W-2 reports display the number of W-2 cases, W-2 participant placement types, and W-2 recipients that had a placement as of the last day of the report month (or the latest day in the report month where there was a placement before a case closed).

Refugee Cash Assistance Program Data

The monthly report displays the number of cases and recipients receiving benefits under the RCA program.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Agency Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of metrics used to measure performance over time and help gauge if the Department is meeting its strategic goals and mission. Through the use of data-driven dashboards and reports, Key Performance Indicators are designed to provide information for strategic decision-making and results-oriented improvement efforts. The Bureau of Performance Management (BPM) supports and manages the KPI dashboards on behalf of the Department.

DMCPS Settlement Agreement Information

Jeanine B. Settlement Agreement – The Performance Analysis Unit is responsible for independent and objective reporting on Settlement Agreement measures. There are monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports required as part of the Agreement. PA staff work with DMCPS and its contractors to collect and validate all data contained within these reports, and often present findings to the DMCPS Partnership Council. For more information visit Milwaukee County Child Protective Services: Settlement Agreement Information.