Orders for Medical Support & Health Insurance

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Under current law, every new child support order must include a provision for medical support. Medical support can be provided in a couple ways:

  1. Either or both parents may be required to pay an additional amount of support to cover costs of his or her child's medical expenses.
  2. Either or both parents may be required to enroll the child in the parent's health insurance that is offered by his or her employee.

Orders to Pay and Additional Amount

The court order might require that the parent (your employee) pay an additional amount of support to cover all or a share of the premiums charged to the other parent, or to pay medical costs not covered by insurance.

In this case, the court-ordered amount would be listed on the income withholding notice, and will be included in the employee's overall child support obligation to be withheld from his or her income.

National Medical Support Notice

The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) serves as a legal notice which states the named employee is obligated by a court order to provide health care coverage for the child(ren) listed in the notice. This notice replaces any Medical Support Notice previously received by the employer as it relates to the employee and child listed on the notice.

The information in the NMSN about the custodial parent and the children is confidential and should not be shared or disclosed to the noncustodial parent.

The NMSN consists of:


You may not charge a fee for sending an insurance premium payment to the appropriate health care provider.