Child Protective Services

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The Department of Children and Families, along with county, tribal and community partners, is committed to providing comprehensive, trauma-informed services to help Wisconsin children and families thrive. To learn more about Wisconsin's child protection system, please select a topic bellow.

Report Child Abuse & Neglect

Find county and tribal contact information.

Child Protection System Overview

Learn what happens when you make a call to child protective services and how Wisconsin is transforming its system.

Victim & Survivor Services

If you are a survivor of abuse or a violent crime, local and national resources are available.

Safe Haven

Learn more about infant relinquishment and other available options.

Appeal Process

Receive a substantiated determination and wish to appeal? Learn more about the process and what to expect.

Rehabilitation Review

Need to submit a rehabilitation review application? Gain access to forms and other helpful information.

Mandated Reporters

Certain professions are required to report abuse/neglect. Learn about those requirements and how to access training and resources.

Critical Incidents

View public notifications of cases of child death, serious injury, and egregious incidents due to maltreatment or suspected maltreatment.&

Learn more about how Wisconsin and its partners have been transitioning the child welfare system to become more in-home, family-focused, and collaborative by visiting our Putting Families First page.