We're Putting Families First

Since 2018, Wisconsin has been progressively working toward transitioning the child welfare system to become more in-home, family-focused, and collaborative.

Transformation Creates Positive Outcomes

  1. Record number of families being served with in-home services.
  2. Closing the service gaps with stakeholders.
  3. Stronger integration of cross agency/county collaboration for services.
The shift in the system began when research indicated that children and families have better results when supported jointly. This transformation is focused on keeping families and children together by serving them in-home with resources and services.

Four Transformation Priorities

  1. To strengthen local communities + build services to support families in their homes.
  2. To keep children in family settings whenever possible.
  3. To improve our group care system.
  4. To support our workforce with solutions and improvements.

Transformation in Action

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) partnered with Root Inc. to assist in the child welfare transformation efforts. Root conducted research to understand how Wisconsin counties were progressing toward achieving the 4 strategic priorities listed above.

The results show Wisconsin is well on its way to serving more kids and families in-home than ever before. To learn more about the research conducted by Root download the presentation or watch it here . To continue the child welfare transformation, a learning map training experience will be offered to counties.

Facilitators Learning Map Resources

  1. Learning Map Presentation/Training click here to begin.
  2. Learning Map Facilitator Guide is a how-to resource for leading small groups.
  3. DCF Facilitator Resources, click here to download tips for facilitating.
  4. Learning map session PDS fillable form.