Direct Deposit VS. Debit Card

The information below allows custodial parents to learn the benefits and differences between choosing direct deposit for receipt of child support payments or choosing the Way2Go debit card for receipt of child support payments.

Questions Direct Deposit Debit Card
Do I need a bank account? Yes No
Can I buy items online or by phone? Yes, direct deposit sends money to your bank account of choice. Yes, the child support debit card works the same as a bank card.
How can I get cash from my account? This depends on the services your bank provides. You can get cash from an ATM, any bank that accepts MasterCards, or request cash back on your purchases.
I have bad credit. Does this matter? Maybe. Banks generally offer savings account to anyone who can't open a checking account. No. You will be approved for a debit card regardless of your credit score.
If I move will payments continue without delay?


It is important that you keep your address up to date with your Local Child Support Agency. If you move, please contact the agency to update your address.


You must also keep the Wisconsin Way2Go Program up to date with your address if you have a debit card. Call 1-877-253-3686 or create a secure user ID and password at GoProgram or the Go Program app to update your address if you move.

What fees will I pay to use this service? Please check with your financial institution for their fee information. List of Debit Card Fees