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Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program

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The Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program supports low-income working families by subsidizing a portion of the cost of quality child care so that parents or other approved caregivers may work, go to school, or participate in approved work training programs. 
Wisconsin Shares is implemented locally by counties and tribes. 


Who Can Get Wisconsin Shares?

Low-income working families with children under the age of 13 may be eligible for Wisconsin Shares. If a child has a special need, the child may remain eligible until the child’s 19th birthday.

Parents must be working or participating in another approved activity to receive Wisconsin Shares. If there are two parents in the household, subsidy will only be issued for the time when the parents' work or other approved activity schedules overlap.


Am I Eligible?

Before you can receive a Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy authorization, you must be determined eligible for the program.

Read and learn more about eligibility requirements.

Download and read the Wisconsin Shares Eligibility Guidelines brochure.