Welcome to the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program

The Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program supports eligible families by funding a portion of the cost of child care while the parents are working or participating in an approved activity.

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Temporary Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Increase for Children Ages 0-3

NOTE: This temporary increase ended on June 30, 2021.

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If you have a child(ren) aged 0-3 receiving Wisconsin Shares subsidy, you will receive a temporary 21 percent increase in funding starting March 1, 2021. This temporary increase is effective until June 30, 2021.

The extra funds will automatically appear on your MyWIChildCare EBT card. You do not need to do anything in order to receive the extra funds. If you receive the temporary increase, you should pay the full monthly amount to your provider that is loaded to your MyWIChildCare EBT card. If this full amount does not cover your entire parent share, you must pay any remaining parent share.  

If you have questions about the amount of funding on your EBT card, please contact your local agency. For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions for parents, child care providers, and agency workers.

Large Family

If you are a parent
or an advocate of a parent

interested in learning more about the Wisconsin Shares program, visit the
Wisconsin Shares Parent page.

Children at Daycare

If you are a child care provider and would like to learn more about
Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy, please visit the Wisconsin Shares Provider page.


If you are a local or tribal
agency worker
and you want to know the latest policies and procedures, please visit the Wisconsin Shares Agency Worker page.