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Wisconsin Works (W-2) is Wisconsin’s primary Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.


What is W-2?
W-2 is a program that provides employment preparation services, case management and cash assistance to eligible families. 

Read the W-2 Benefits and Services brochure.

Who can participate in W-2?
Low-income parents and pregnant women may participate in W-2. Both you and your child's other parent may be eligible for W-2, even if your child only lives with you.

What is the purpose of W-2?
W-2 can help you get a job and provide for your family. W-2 can help you find a job, provide you with work experience, connect you with education and training, and provide case management services to help you stay employed and advance in your career. A worker at the W-2 Agency determines if you are eligible for W-2.

Read about the W-2 Philosophy and Goals.

What services are offered through W-2?
W-2 provides:

  • Help in finding a job;
  • Work experience, through supervised worksites;
  • Vocational education and training;
  • Case management services;
  • Assistance with searching for housing, child care, and employment; and
  • Assistance applying for SSI/SSDI.

Do I have to work to get cash assistance?
You are required to participate in work, or activities to help you get ready to work, in exchange for cash assistance. A worker at the W-2 Agency will determine which activities are appropriate for you and if you need additional services to participate.

How do I apply for W-2?
You can apply for W-2 online using the ACCESS website

Want to know if you are eligible but not ready to apply?
• You can use the ACCESS website “See if you can get help” page to check your eligibility without applying. 

To apply for W-2 in person, please visit the “Find a W-2 Agency” page for your local agency contact information.    

What should I bring with me when I apply for W-2?
This brochure provides you with a checklist of what to bring with you to apply for W-2.

I am a minor parent. What services are available to me through W-2?
W-2 provides services specific to minor parents. Read about Minor Parent Services.

I am a parent, but my children don't live with me. What services are available to me through W-2?
If your children don't live with you, you are considered a noncustodial parent. Wisconsin offers many services to help low-income noncustodial parents become self-sufficient and able to pay child support. Read about Noncustodial Parent Services.

Find your local W-2 agency
Read the W-2 Policy Manual