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girl-sitting-on-books-pointing.jpgMaking Child Support Payments

State law requires that all orders for support include income withholding, which is when an employer withholds support directly out of your paycheck. Income withholding is required, whether or not the payer owes past due support. The law requires withholding support from all income, including commissions, earnings, salaries, wages, and pension benefits, to name a few.

Time limits for sending income withholdings to the Trust Fund, processing payments, and sending payments to families are set by federal and state regulations. The Trust Fund is the payment processing center in Wisconsin. All payments must go through the Trust Fund to be properly credited to your support order. Each payment is posted to the child support system overnight, and can be seen on the Child Support Online Services website the next business day. It generally takes another 2 business days for the money to get to families.

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