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Wisconsin Shares for Agency Workers

This page contains information that is important to local agency eligibility and authorization workers.

Effective January 1, 2022, many families will see an increase in the monthly Wisconsin Shares subsidy amount on their MyWIChildCare EBT card. This increase will be reflected in benefits issued after January 1, 2022.


A partir del 1 de enero de 2022, muchas familias verán un aumento en el monto del subsidio mensual de Wisconsin Shares en su tarjeta EBT MyWIChildCare. Este aumento se reflejará en los beneficios que se entreguen después del 1 de enero de 2022.


Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Rate Increase FAQs

Read through the FAQs to learn more.

What is changing with WI Shares Rates? 

The maximum rates that are used to determine monthly subsidy benefit amounts are increasing. To learn more about how maximum rates are determined, please visit the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 page.

Why is this changing?

Wisconsin is using a portion of funds received from the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) to support families and child care providers with the cost of quality child care.

FAQs for Parents

As a parent, how does this impact me?

You may see an increase in your subsidy benefit which may reduce your out-of-pocket cost for child care. For more information about how maximum rates relate to your out-of-pocket cost, please visit the Calculating Your Out-Of-Pocket Cost Using the Wisconsin Shares Maximum Rates Chart page.

What if my child care provider does not charge me as much as this increase?

If the child care provider’s price is lower than then new maximum rate, you will not see an increase in your monthly subsidy benefit. 

FAQs for Providers

I am a 2-Star provider, will the 1% reduction be removed?

Parents will no longer have 1% removed from their subsidy benefit due to using a 2-Star provider.

How does this impact providers?

Parents may receive additional funds due to the rate increase which they will then pay to their child care provider. The increase will support child care providers to remain in business and continue to provide quality child care.


Preguntas frecuentes sobre la tasa de subsido de Wisconsin Shares

Para obtener más información, lea las Preguntas frecuentes.

¿Qué cambios se están realizando en las tarifas de WI Shares?  

Las tarifas máximas que se utilizan para determinar el monto del subsidio mensual aumentarán. Para obtener más información sobre cómo se determinan las tarifas máximas, visite la página de la Ley de Child Care and Development Block Grant (Subvención Global de Cuidado y Desarrollo Infantil) (CCDBG) de 2014.

¿Por qué se está haciendo este cambio?

Wisconsin está utilizando una parte de los fondos recibidos de la American Recovery Plan Act (Ley del Plan de Rescate Estadounidense) (ARPA) para ayudar a las familias y los proveedores de cuidado infantil con los costos para continuar entregando un cuidado infantil de calidad.

Preguntas frecuentes para los padres

Como padre, ¿de qué forma me afecta esto?

Es posible que vea un aumento en su beneficio de subsidio, el cual podría reducir sus gastos de bolsillo por el cuidado infantil. Para obtener más información sobre cómo se relacionan las tarifas máximas con sus gastos de bolsillo, visite la página Calcular sus gastos de bolsillo mediante la tabla de tarifas máximas de Wisconsin Shares.

¿Qué pasa si mi proveedor de cuidado infantil no me cobra más que el aumento del subsidio?

Si el precio del proveedor de cuidado infantil es más bajo que la nueva tarifa máxima, no verá un aumento en su subsidio mensual.

Preguntas frecuentes para los proveedores

Soy un proveedor calificado con 2 estrellas, ¿se eliminará la reducción del 1%?

A los padres no se les quitará el 1% de su subsidio por usar un proveedor calificado con 2 estrellas.

¿De qué forma afecta esto a los proveedores?

Los padres pueden recibir fondos adicionales por el aumento de las tarifas que luego se utilizarán para pagar a su proveedor de cuidado infantil. El aumento ayudará a los proveedores de cuidado infantil a permanecer activos en el negocio y continuar entregando un cuidado infantil de calidad.

Accepting Wisconsin Shares

If you are a child care provider who wants to serve families that are eligible for Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy, visit Providers Who Want to Accept Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidies.

If you are an out-of-state provider, please read through the out-of-state provider information and complete all of the required steps found on the Out-of-State Providers Accepting Wisconsin Shares.

Wisconsin Shares Handbook

The Wisconsin Shares Handbook contains the policies and process instructions of the Wisconsin Shares program.

Technical Assistance

The Bureau of Child Care Subsidy Administration (BCCSA) oversees the implementation of the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program across the state. Bureau staff are available to offer technical assistance in a variety of ways to assist local agencies with the implementation of the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program. More information on technical assistance contacts can be found on the Wisconsin Shares SharePoint site.

Operations Memos

Operations Memos from the Division of Early Care and Education are used to communicate with local agencies who accept Wisconsin Shares about changes in policy and automated systems. These memos are located on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) website. Users can also sign up to receive notifications of new memos by clicking the Join Our Email Lists link on the upper right corner of the DHS webpage.

Administrator Memos

Administrator Memos from the Division of Early Care and Education are used to communicate with local agencies who accept Wisconsin Shares about changes made to the county/tribal child care contracts and other administrative procedures. These memos are located on the DECE Administrator's Memo webpage.

Income Eligibility Table

2021 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and State Median Income (SMI) Limits Table for Financial Eligibility in the Wisconsin Shares Program-Effective February 1, 2021
Group Size Annual 185% FPL Monthly 185% FPL Annual
85% SMI
Monthly 85% SMI
2 $32,227 $2,686 $55,357 $4,613
3 $40,626 $3,386 $68,382 $5,698
4 $49,025 $4,085 $81,407 $6,784
5 $57,424 $4,785 $94,432 $7,869
6 $65,823 $5,485 $107,457 $8,955
7 $74,222 $6,185 $109,900 $9,158
8 $82,621 $6,885 $112,342 $9,362
9 $91,020 $7,585 $114,784 $9,565
10 $99,419 $8,285 $117,226 $9,769
Each Additional Person Add $8,399 $700 N/A N/A


Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 49

Chapter 49 of the Wisconsin Statutes includes current laws that affect the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program. See Wis. Stat. s. 49.141 - 49.161, and specifically 49.155

DCF Administrative Code Chapters 101 and 201

Wisconsin Administrative Rules affecting the Wisconsin Shares program included DCF 101 and DCF 201.

Forms and Publications Repository

This searchable page contains a combined repository of all forms and publications used by local agencies, programs, and DCF staff.

Sign up for the Child Care Listserv for the newest updates

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) uses this listserv to communicate:

These communications will come via email and will ensure that you receive current information and resources. To sign up for the Child Care Listserv, please visit the Child Care Email Sign Up page. If you would like to unsubscribe from the Child Care listserv, click the unsubscribe link in the email that you receive or use the Unsubscribe form on the listserv signup web page.

Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID

You need to indicate your WAMS ID for some of these other request forms.

  1. Go to:
  2. Follow the Self Registration link.
  3. Remember the ID and password you create.
  4. Upon submission of the profile information, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation link. You must click the confirmation link in order to activate your WAMS account.

WAMS accounts are supported by DOA's Wisconsin Helpdesk. If you have questions or problems setting up your account, please call the Wisconsin Helpdesk at 608-261-4400 or 866-335-2180.

CARES Worker Web (CWW)

CWW is used for eligibility determination of public benefits, including child care.

  1. Obtain a WAMS ID. (See instructions above.)
  2. To obtain access, fill out the CARES Automated Systems Access Request.
  3. Go to  CARES Automated Systems Access Request
  4. There are spaces for electronic signatures of the user, supervisor, and security officer. Please complete the form with all necessary electronic signatures.
  5. Email completed form to: DCF Service Desk.

Create DWD Wisconsin Login ID (WIEXT ID)

You need to indicate your Wisconsin Login ID on the CSAW/CCPP, WISCCRS and YoungStar access request forms listed below.

Do not create the same ID for your Wisconsin Login ID as your WAMS ID. If you have set up an ID for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits, you already have a WIEXT ID and may use that. 

  1. Go to: WIEXT Account Management Page
  2. Create a Login ID.
  3. Upon submission of the profile information, you are finished with this step.
  4. Remember the ID and password you create.

If you need assistance, please contact the DCF Service Desk at 608-264-6323.

Child Care Statewide Administration on the Web (CSAW) and Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP) Access

  1. Obtain your DWD Wisconsin Login. (See instructions above.)
  2. Go to DCF-F-DWSW13358e
  3. Download and complete the DCF-F-DWSW13358e access request form.
  4. You must print the DCF-F-DWSW13358e form and obtain physical signatures from the user, supervisor, child care coordinator, and security officer.
  5. Scan and email the completed form to:

Retro Privilege

Retro privileges for CSAW are now included in the Coordinator profile.

Note: Child care providers seeking access to the Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP) should follow different access instructions.

Systems Contact List

Security Access Guide for Child Care Agency Workers

If you need assistance with the child care systems, please use the Systems Contacts information to contact the appropriate person.