Wisconsin Shares Child Care Agency Worker & Partner Resources

This page contains resources for local agency workers and local agency administration.

Worker Level

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Policy and Process Handbook

Operations Memos

Operations Memos from the Division of Early Care and Education in the Department of Children and Families. Operations Memos are used to communicate changes in policy and automated systems to Wisconsin Shares local agencies. Sign up to receive notification of new Operations Memos.

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 49

Wisconsin Statutes affecting the Wisconsin Shares program. For Wisconsin Shares, see 49.141 to 49.161, and specifically 49.155

Administrative Code DCF 101 and 201

Wisconsin Administrative Rules affecting the Wisconsin Shares program. See DCF 101 and DCF 201

Foster Parents, Kinship Care Relatives, and Interim Caretakers

When we use the term “foster parents,” we also mean relatives that receive Kinship Care and have a court-ordered placement, subsidized guardianships, and Interim Caretakers. Visit our Foster Parent page to learn more about eligibility and authorizations for foster children. For additional foster care information, visit our Becoming a Foster Care Parent page.

DCF Forms and Publications Repository

This searchable page contains a combined repository of all Forms and Publications used by local agencies, programs, and DCF staff.

Partner Training Team (PTT) Learning Center

The Department of Children and Families provides a variety of training to better prepare the Wisconsin Shares Child Care workforce. The Partner Training Team (PTT) Learning Center serves as the portal to aid in the process. The portal allows workers to search and register for upcoming classes or access online computer based trainings (CBTs), view and complete assigned training curriculums, review transcripts, update a training profile, and access the Training Center information.

Sign Up for the Child Care Listserv

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) uses this listserv to communicate:

  • General child care information updates
  • YoungStar and child care quality improvement information
  • Wisconsin Shares and MyWIChildCare program updates
  • Child care professional development opportunities
  • Child care certification and licensing memos or updates
  • DCF Child Care Provider Newsletter
  • Other child care topics

To sign up for the Child Care Listserv, please visit the Child Care Email Sign Up page. If you wish to unsubscribe from the Child Care listserv, click the unsubscribe link in the email that you receive or use the Unsubscribe form on the listserv signup web page.

Emergency Child Care Matching Process Manuals

Emergency Child Care Matching Video Demos


Child Care Security Access Request Form

There are multiple child care systems that Child Care Agency Workers must access in order to assist clients. Those systems include, but are not limited to: CARES/CWW, CCPP, CSAW, WISCCRS, YoungStar Case Management, and WebI. This simplified security access guide helps Child Care Agency Workers request access, modify access for existing users, and end system access.


Child Care User Guides

User Help

If you need assistance with the child care systems, please use the Systems Contacts spreadsheet to contact the appropriate person.


Administrator Level

DECE Administrator Memos

The Division of Early Care and Education (DECE) publishes Administrator's Memos when changes are made to the county/tribal child care contracts and other administrative procedures. Local child care agencies are responsible for making sure appropriate staff are on the email distribution lists to receive Admin Memos.

To sign up for the DECE Administrator’s Memos, please email DCFDECEBOPOPA@wisconsin.gov with the names and email addresses of the individual(s), along with the corresponding Distribution List(s) in which those individual(s) should be added. When employees leave agencies, please request to have their name and email address removed from the Outlook Distribution lists.

Admin Memos are sent via email to the following DCF Outlook Distribution Lists:

  • DCF DL DECE Admin List
  • DCF DL BRO Child Care Regional Coordinators
  • DCF DL BRO NERO CC Coordinators
  • DCF DL BRO NRO CC Coordinators
  • DCF DL BRO SERO CC Coordinators
  • DCF DL BRO SRO CC Coordinators
  • DCF DL BRO WRO CC Coordinators
  • DCF DL MECA CC Authorization
  • DCF DL DHS MilES CC Eligibility

Child Care Agency Annual Summary Form DCF-F-425