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Department of Children and Families
201 West Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 8916
Madison, WI 53703-8916

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Main Contact Telephone Number: 608-422-7000
Fax: 608-422-7163

Topic Telephone Number Email/Link
Main Contact 608-422-7000
Accounts Payable: Vendor Supplies/Services
Adoption Assistance (subsidy payments, Medicaid) 866-666-5532
Adoption Records Search 608-422-6928
Adoptions (public, private domestic, international)
Child Abuse and Neglect Report Child Abuse Report Child Abuse
Child Care Assistance Local Agency Contacts Local Agency Contacts
Child Care Fraud 877-302-FRAUD Report Child Care Fraud
Child Care Regulation and Licensing 608-421-7550 CC Regulation and Licensing Contact List
Child Support Child Support Contact List
Child Welfare Licensing and Regulation
Constituent Services
Domestic Abuse Services   Domestic Violence Information
Emergency Assistance 855-757-4539
Fiscal Integrity and Audit Section
Foster Care 920-362-6015 Please Contact your County's Foster Care Coordinator
Become a Foster Parent 800-947-8074 Information on becoming a foster parent
Adoption Assistance Amendments 866-666-5532
Job Access Loans 855-757-4539
Kinship Care 608-422-6921
Kinship Care - Milwaukee 414-343-5713
Media line 608-422-7800
Milwaukee Child Protective Services 414-343-5500
Milwaukee Early Care Administration 1-888-947-6583 MECA Contacts
Open Records Requests 608-422-7060 Public Records
Paternal Interest Registry 608-422-7002
Refugee Information 414-270-4744
TANF Verification 855-757-4539
Wisconsin Works (W-2) Balance of State (not Milwaukee) (TANF) 855-757-4539
Wisconsin Works (W-2) Milwaukee Only (TANF) 414-270-4702
YoungStar 800-362-7353
Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)
Read to Lead Council and Development Fund
Child Care Certification Contact List   Child Care Certification Contact List