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Help with your Child Support Online Account

Why do I have to go through all these steps to get access to my payment information?

This is for your security and protection of your personal account information. As long as you protect your Login ID and password, only you will be able to view your account information. Child Support Online Services contains a lot of your personal information so it needs to be secure.

What is a KIDS Key and why do I need it?

The KIDS Key is a random series of letters and numbers that is used to connect the Login ID and password you create in Step 1 to your account in KIDS. The KIDS Key will be mailed to you at the address your local child support agency has on file for you. Once you use your KIDS Key to activate your online account you will not need it again.

I have tried Account Recovery but I still can't login. What should I do?

Contact the DCF Service Desk by phone - (608) 264-6323 Madison Local, (855) 264-6323 Toll Free. It is best if you can be in front of a computer that can access the internet so that the technician can walk you through some troubleshooting.

How do I decide what to use as a Login ID and Password?

Make the Login ID something simple and easy to remember. The Login ID is case sensitive, which means you must remember what letters you capitalized each time you login.


What if I don't have an email address?

You can create a Login ID without an email address. However, if you don't provide an email address when you create the account you will not be able to use the Account Recovery function if you forget your Login/Password. It is recommended that you provide an email when you register an online account.

Why do I need a Secret Question and Answer?

The secret question and answer will allow you to positively identify yourself in case you forget your Login ID or password.