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Subsidized Guardianship

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The Subsidized Guardianship program aims to improve permanency outcomes for children in out-of-home care by promoting the use of permanent legal guardianship as a permanency option. While guardianship has long existed as a permanency outcome for children, the lack of ongoing payments to guardians to care for children once permanency has been achieved has limited the effectiveness of guardianship as a permanency outcome. This resulted in foster care cases remaining open longer than necessary to continue payments to the caretakers.

The Subsidized Guardianship program operates under a federal Title IV-E waiver to provide ongoing payments to persons becoming legal guardians of children in foster care, similar to the adoption assistance program for children who are adopted. The target population is children placed with relatives licensed as foster parents.

C = Paper Checks Mailed
D = Direct Deposit

The Guardianship Permanency Initiative is based on the following principles:

  • Improving permanency outcomes for children and families through more effective permanency planning that is family-focused.

  • Promoting the use of relatives as foster care placement resources.

  • Ensuring the safety and well being of children through permanent placements with caring adults whom will raise the children to adulthood.

  • Providing services to families in ways that address the needs of children but minimizes the public child welfare involvement in the lives of families.

  • Operating the subsidized guardianship program in a manner similar to the adoption assistance program.

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