Milwaukee Early Care Administration (MECA) Information for Parents Hispanic family


MECA Mission

Milwaukee Early Care Administration (MECA) mission is to promote excellence in early childhood care and education in Milwaukee County and to ensure that Milwaukee residents have access to affordable, high-quality child care that enhances children’s development and supports low-income families’ ability to work.

Eligibility and Authorization information specifically for Milwaukee County parents.


Milwaukee County Residents Only

If you live in Milwaukee County, please call our office to apply for Wisconsin Shares: 1-888-947-6583.

Milwaukee Early Care Administration (MECA)
1220 W. Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Telephone: 1-888-947-6583
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday


MECA Certification of Child Care Providers

  • MECA certifies child care providers under DCF Administrative Rule 202, and ensures that certified child care providers in Milwaukee County remain in compliance with regulations in order to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the children receiving day care in the homes of certified providers.
  • MECA conducts background checks on Milwaukee County applicants seeking to become a certified child care provider. 
  • MECA provides certification services to approximately 300 child care providers in Milwaukee County. 
  • MECA works with the community to train, certify, and monitor family child care providers, promote the Wisconsin Shares child care program, and maintain the integrity of child care in Milwaukee County.