Report System Misuse

DCF provides access to sensitive information and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of information within DCF systems. Misuse of DCF systems is not tolerated. Misuse of a DCF system is accessing, reviewing, creating, altering, sharing, or deleting any record or part of a record within a system that DCF provides access to without a valid, work reason.

If you suspect an individual (whether an authorized user or not) is misusing a system that DCF provides access to, the suspected system misuse needs to be reported. DCF will alert partner agencies of reports as applicable.

If you are attempting to report fraud in a DCF program instead of suspected misuse of a DCF system, please send the information through the fraud reporting website.

Which systems were affected by the suspected incident of misuse?
Access WI
Please provide your contact information
What is your role?
Have you already notified management?

If you feel you are able to discuss this with management or a security delegate, please provide them with the information.

Please include the following information on the suspected misuse.

Thank you for submitting this information. You will be contacted if additional information or follow-up is needed based on the reported incident.

DCF-F-5563 (N. 07/2022)