Child Support Forms & Publications by Topic

Starting March 1, 2020 interest debts will be included in the total administrative lien amount. The enforcement publications listed below have not been updated to reflect the change.

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Applying for Services

Print an application for child support services. If you are a parent use the Parent's application. If you are a guardian, use the Guardian's application.


Wisconsin Child Support Services

Publications relating to child support services for moms and dads.


Changing Child Support Orders

The rules and steps for changing a child support order.


Child Support, Medicaid & W-2

Wisconsin laws about W-2, including cooperation and good cause.


Civil Rights

Your rights to receive information in a different language, appeal a cooperation decision, and the form to file a complaint with your county child support agency.


Confidentiality & Privacy Protection

These forms are used for authorizing release of confidential information or requesting privacy protection.


Enforcing Support Orders

Tools child support agencies use to collect child support.


Fatherhood (Paternity)

The benefits of having a father on your child's birth certificate.


Health Insurance & Birth Costs


Paying Child Support

Information for payers about income withholding, payment plans, and ways to pay child support.


Receiving Child Support

Information for parents receiving child support. Payments can be received directly into your bank account or on a state issued debit card.


Setting Support Orders