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Department of Children and Families’ public benefit programs will continue during the partial federal government shutdown. Read the full announcement here.

Withholding Receipt and Disbursement (R&D) Fees

Up to three times per year, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families sends a special notice to employers for employees who have failed to pay their annual R&D fees. This notice includes an R&D Withholding form, which is pre-printed with the employee's name, KIDS PIN, social security number, and the amount of R&D fees owed. The R&D Withholding form is different from the employer withholding coupon/list.

Do not:

  • Withhold more than the R&D amount allowed under the CCPA limits and withholding priorities
  • Withhold any R&D fee balance from the next payroll

If a balance remains after withholding the R&D fee:

  • Employees may use their individual R&D coupons to pay the balance, and/or,
  • You will receive another R&D Withholding notice in the next tri-annual mailing cycle.

R&D Fee Remittance Instructions

To prevent misapplied payments, please follow these special remittance instructions for R&D fees:

  • Withhold the indicated amounts on the notice only one time
  • Fill in the amount of R&D fees you are withholding for each employee
  • Combine R&D fees withheld from all employees into a single R&D payment check, if possible
  • Send the R&D payment check separate from other withholding checks. Do not include other coupons/lists with the R&D payment check
  • Do not use electronic funds transfer or electronic data interchange
  • Do not add employees who are not listed or list an employee again even if they have more than one support order
  • Withhold for R&D fees AFTER all other support withholdings, if CCPA limits allow

Make check out to WI SCTF and mail to:

PO BOX 74400
Milwaukee, WI 53274-0400