Milwaukee Early Care Administration (MECA)

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Welcome to MECA

MECA aims to provide access to affordable, high-quality child care and early education experience to enhance the lives of Wisconsin children and families. 

MECA supports child care needs for Milwaukee County families, providing Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy to families that are eligible for this program. This means families will receive a child care authorization for their children to attend a state regulated child care provider. 

MECA and DHS Milwaukee Enrollment Services work together to ensure Milwaukee County families can access the Wisconsin Shares program. Parents can learn more about the eligibility and authorization process from our Parent Role in the Child Care Eligibility and Authorization Process document

MECA will assess child care need and determine the approved subsidy dollar amount to help with child care cost. MECA will also assist parents with the MyWIChildCare EBT payment card.  

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Our Mission

Promote excellence in early childhood care and education in Milwaukee County.

Providing access to affordable, high-quality child care, which enhances children’s development and the family's ability to work.

In Milwaukee County, our staff works closely with the community to:

  • Provide child care subsidy authorizations for working parents
  • Support and provide Wisconsin Shares training for licensed and certified child care providers
  • Maintain the integrity of Wisconsin Shares child care dollars

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Parent and Provider Services

Parent-Provider Services within MECA consists of two Parent-Provider Liaisons that are responsible for being a resource for parents and child care providers. These positions where created to enhance and promote parent education regarding Wisconsin Shares, inclusive of navigating the process from application through authorization and resolve parent concerns. Parents and child care providers can get additional program support as needed. Parent-Provider Liaisons are responsible for the following functions:

  • Parent education regarding Wisconsin Shares.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to parents and providers regarding use of web-based systems, operational memos, and policy and procedure manuals.
  • Act as a resource to parents in assisting with access request to the MyWIChildCare Parent Portal, online entries, troubleshooting issues, and navigating the Parent Portal system for their child care services.
  • Act as a resource to providers in assisting with access request to the MyWIChildCare Provider Portal, online entries, troubleshooting issues, and navigating the system that involves entering rates or changes made in the Provider Portal system.
  • Implement and conduct training for parents and providers based on needs, determined by assessments.
  • Identification and prevention of fraudulent activity in the Wisconsin Shares Program.

Wisconsin Shares Client Overpayment

If you have questions about a Wisconsin Shares Overpayment or need more information, learn more at the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy for Parents page.

If you need to make a payment on a Wisconsin Shares Overpayment, follow the instructions on the Public Assistance Overpayment web page.