Transitional Jobs


What is Transitional Jobs (TJ)?

Transitional Jobs (TJ) is a program that offers jobs to unemployed low-income adults in certain areas of the state. TJ can provide you with:

  • An immediate income;
  • An opportunity to develop skills in a high-demand field; and
  • An opportunity to build a positive work history.

To see if you live in an area that offers TJ, please visit the "Find Your Local Transitional Jobs Agency" page.

Who is eligible for TJ?

Unemployed low-income adults who are not participating in Wisconsin Works (W-2) and not eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits may be eligible for TJ. This includes noncustodial parents and young adults without children. You must also live in an area that offers TJ.

What are the goals of the TJ program?

The goals of the TJ program are:

  1. To help parents secure stable unsubsidized employment.
  2. To increase child support payments through stable unsubsidized employment.
  3. To support reunification plans with children by enhancing parental capabilities and long-term child safety through stable unsubsidized employment.
  4. To help foster youth live independently through stable unsubsidized employment.

How do I apply for TJ?

To apply for TJ, please visit the "Find Your Local Transitional Jobs Agency" page.


Find Your Local TJ Agency

Read the TMJ/TJ Policy Manual