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Caregiver Background Check Law, Wisconsin Statute § 48.686 requires that all child-care workers complete a Fingerprint-Based Background Check.

Check the Fieldprint website for open fingerprint locations near you and to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to stay updated with COVID-19 resources from DCF. If you have questions about background check requirements, contact the Child Care Background Unit.

Fingerprinting Requirements Resume on March 15, 2021 - Due June 1, 2021

Over the past year, it became difficult for many child care providers, caregivers, non-caregiver employees, and household members to complete their fingerprint background check requirements. Many Fieldprint fingerprinting locations were temporarily closed due to the public health crisis. To help providers during this challenging time, DCF paused fingerprint monitoring and conducted interim name-based background checks so individuals could receive temporary eligibility to work or reside in a child care center.

With the majority of Fieldprint locations once again open to the public, the FBI fingerprint requirements can now resume under the Caregiver Background Check Law, Wisconsin Statute § 48.686. Open Fieldprint sites can be found on their website or call 888-472-8918. A copy of the fingerprint instruction letter is available in the Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP).

Beginning March 15, 2021
New individuals submitting a background check request will no longer automatically receive the name-based DOJ check. They will need to complete a Fieldprint appointment before they can receive eligibility to work or reside at a child care program.

Existing individuals who have not yet completed a Fieldprint appointment or who have received temporary name-based background check eligibility should also schedule their Fieldprint fingerprint appointments. The eligibility of the employees with name-based background checks will expire June 1, 2021.

DCF will send reminders to providers to notify them of individuals who still require a fingerprint background check and the deadline to complete them. Providers can also check background check status in the Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP). If you do not have access to CCPP, visit the CCPP access webpage for instructions. If you have questions regarding background check requirements, please contact the Child Care Background Unit by calling 608-422-7400 or emailing

Since October 2018, the Child Care Development Block Grant includes new background check requirements for all individuals in licensed and certified child care centers. Resources for these new requirements, including compliance guides for individuals and programs, can be found on these pages.

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