Updating Personal Information

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Reporting Name Changes

  • Report any name changes to the child support agency that handles your case.
  • If you have a child support debit card, the child support agency will notify the debit card vendor of your new name.

Reporting Address and Phone Number Changes

Keeping your address and phone number updated with your child support agency will ensure that you get important notices and there will be no service delays.

Update your Address and/or Phone Number:

  • Online using Child Support Online Services, a secure web application for child support participants.
  • By contacting your local child support agency.
  • If you have a child support debit card, you MUST ALSO contact Wisconsin Debit Card Customer Service at 1-877-253-3686 or you can create a secure user ID and password at GoProgram.com or via the Go Program app to report your new address or phone number.

Reporting Employment Changes

State law requires parents paying child support to report employment changes to their child support agency within 10 days of:

  • Losing a job;
  • A change in income;
  • Getting a new job; or
  • Changing jobs.