Denying, Restricting, Suspending, or Not Renewing a License


Wisconsin law permits a child support agency to certify for the denial, non-renewal, restriction, or suspension of professional, occupational, recreational, or driver's license if:

  • A court has not prohibited license suspension;
  • There is no alternative payment plan in effect for the case;
  • The payer's name is listed on the Child support Lien Docket; or
  • There is a child support lien against the payer, and the lien amount in the payer's case equals or exceeds 300% of the monthly amount due in the court or or $1,000, whichever is greater.


  • The support order is for $400/month
  • The support amount owed is $1,200 (equal to 3 months support owed)
  • The child support agency may begin action to certify for denial, suspension, restriction or non-renewal of a license that the parent not paying their support holds or seeks.


The child support agency will notify the parent not paying their support of enforcement actions the agency may take. The enforcement action may stop if that parent:

  • Contacts the child support agency
  • Requests a hearing
  • Agrees to an alternative payment plan
  • Pays all the past-due support owed