DCF Grant Application Opportunities

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Below you will find listings for current DCF Grant Application Opportunities. Each opportunity includes additional information about the opportunity, including the award amount, synopsis, who is eligible to apply, requirements, how to apply, and any deadlines and requirements for submitting.

Additional competitive DCF opportunities may be found on eSupplier. eSupplier is managed by DOA where many state agencies publish competitive Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Bids (RFBs) and accept electronic responses.  Opportunities listed here will not be found on eSupplier unless noted in the synopsis.   

Any awards made from opportunities listed here will require a contract be signed.  There is a link to the left for the DCF Standard Contract.  This is a sample upon which most contracts are based.  All contracts, at minimum, will include the DOA Standard Terms & Conditions and DOA Supplemental Terms & Conditions also linked to the left. 

How to Respond

For all opportunities, responses should be submitted by email to DCFProcurement@wisconsin.gov no later than the due date and time listed for that opportunity. The applicant is responsible to ensure that their submission is complete and fully transmitted by the due time.  Applications not received timely will not be considered.

Open Grant Opportunities


437002-G20-0001588 - Lead Remediation Project                                                   Due Date October 29, 2020 by 2:00 PM



DCF is soliciting applications from either a single organization/company (e.g., counties, non-profits, for-profits, etc.) or from collaborating organizations/companies to identify, evaluate, and award Lead Remediation funding to ECE providers who demonstrate the need for funding to provide clean safe drinking water to children accessing ECE services. this funding can reduce children’s overall exposure to lead by addressing clean water needs in ECE centers.


Eligible Applicants:

 This application is open to all who want to apply and meet the criteria.


Issue Date:

 October 15, 2020

Due Date and Time:

 October 29, 2020 by 2:00 PM


Application Form

Budget Document