Court Resources and Forms

The links below will take you to the Wisconsin Court's web pages. Parents may use these resources to learn about going to court, finding legal resources, and about forms to file pro se motions and stipulations.

These resources are provided as a courtesy. Child support agencies are not required to help parents with completing or filing these forms.

The state court's Self Help Center offers resources and information to help guide you through legal hearings and proceedings. The site offers assistance with:

  • Representing yourself
  • Finding legal services
  • How you should act in court
  • Providing information about what the court staff can and cannot do to help you

The state court's Self Representation site offers information and resources for parents seeking a separation or a divorce without using an attorney. The site:

  • Provides guides for divorce and legal separation for each county court
  • Allows you to download packets of forms based on each county's court
  • Allows you to complete and save forms by logging into your own account

Before completing and submitting any form, check with your local clerk of court office to make sure your court will accept a form.

Some county clerk of court websites will let you download forms directly from their site.

The list of Family Forms includes Stipulations and Orders to Amend Judgment for:

  • Support
  • Maintenance (Alimony/Spousal Support)
  • Custody
  • Enforcement of placement orders

The list of Civil Forms includes documents related to domestic violence and restraining orders.

Court Forms and Guides by County

The Wisconsin State Law Library allows you to download court forms:

The library's county resources database includes information for each county about its:

  • Legal assistance organizations
  • Legal forms and guides
  • Ordinances and court rules