Getting Child Support Payments

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There are two ways to get child support payments. You may choose to get support by direct deposit or by the Wisconsin Way2Go debit MasterCard.

Direct Deposit

This option allows child support payments to be sent directly into a checking or savings account of your choice. Direct deposit is a great alternative to the Wisconsin Way2Go debit MasterCard. Download an application form.

Debit Card

If you do not use direct deposit, you will automatically receive a Wisconsin Way2Go debit MasterCard when you first payment is received. The debit card works much like any bank card or check card. Learn more about the Wisconsin Way2Go debit MasterCard.

Unsure of which method you'd like to choose to receive payments?

Payments to Parents Delayed due to Banking Industry Changes

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Recent banking industry changes for “Same Day ACH” deposits now require that the state pay a fee to have electronic payment files processed on the same day as the bank receives them. The state has not “opted in” to this service as the standard fee is $0.50 per transaction. The state has about 5 million transactions per year. The bank processes all “opt in” customers first; other files are held and processed later, including the state submitted child support payments for parents. This hold time may be longer on some days when the bank has high volumes of “opt in” customer files. This results in delayed payments to parents receiving child support through direct deposit or on a debit card.

It will take at least 2 business days from the date payments are sent from the state before they are available in parent’s accounts.