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Wisconsin Shares Information for Child Care Providers

This page contains information and resources for child care providers/centers serving children eligible for Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Program.



DCF Provider Newsletter

The DCF Provider Newsletter is written quarterly and sent to all licensed and certified Wisconsin child care providers. The newsletter contains important information and is a great resource for best practices and news regarding Child Care Licensing and Certification, Youngstar, and the Wisconsin Shares program.

Providers Who Want to Accept Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidies

If you are a Wisconsin child care provider who wants to accept families using Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy, please read through the information and complete all of the required steps.

Out-of-State Providers Who Want to Accept Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidies

If you are a non-Wisconsin child care provider who wants to accept families using Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy, please read through the out-of-state provider information and complete all of the required steps.

Local Agency Contact List for Child Care Providers

Find your local Wisconsin Shares agency contact by using this list of contacts for child care providers by county/tribe.

Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP)

The Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP) enables child care providers and centers to access information on the MyWIChildCare authorizations and payments. View the Training Video for further information on the new portal. View or download the Child Care Provider Portal User Guide.

Request access to the CCPP.

Download the Provider Portal Fact Sheet  for an overview of the latest enhancements to the Provider Portal. Use the Provider Portal to help manage your child care business. The Provider Portal is open 24/7, and you can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection.

  • Update your prices.
  • Send a request to end a MyWIChildCare authorization for a child who is no longer attending or has never attended.
  • Report days (or weeks) that your child care program will be closed so a parent can request an authorization to an alternate provider during your closure.
  • View certain Licensing/Certification, Registry, and YoungStar documents and details.

53206 Early Childhood Initiative

Using resources provided in the most recent budget, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) intends to increase access to high-quality early care and education for Milwaukee’s youngest learners in the 53206 zip code. Learn more about the 53206 Early Childhood Initiative and how you can apply for this pilot project.

Wisconsin Shares Program Integrity - What Child Care Providers Need to Know

A new training video about Wisconsin Shares Program Integrity for Wisconsin child care providers. In order to be eligible to receive Wisconsin Shares as a child care provider, you must be licensed, and participate in the Youngstar Quality Rating system. There are various rules in place to ensure that child care subsidy is available for those who need it and that the funds are being spent and paid out appropriately. Provider Program Integrity ensures that those rules are followed, and it includes prevention, monitoring, and identification of improper payments and fraud of the Wisconsin Shares program.

Download the Provider Program Integrity Training booklet.

Cover image of Wisconsin Shares Program Integrity Provider Training booklet


Learn about:

  • Who is the Bureau of Program Integrity and how can they can help you?
  • What does compliance mean for me?
  • The anatomy of a site visit
  • Violations and how to avoid them
  • Various resources to help you understand statutes, rules, forms and more

Milwaukee County Child Care Provider Resources


Wisconsin Shares Policy for Providers

Provider Requirements for Receiving Wisconsin Shares Authorizations


Child care providers must be regulated through licensing by the state, certified by a county or tribe, or operated by a Wisconsin public school board. Out-of-state providers must be regulated according to their state standards. Find out more about Licensing and Certification.

Read about the upcoming changes to the Background Check process.

YoungStar Participation

Child care providers must participate in the YoungStar Quality Rating system.

Tax Identification Information

Child care providers must provide their tax identification information to their regulation agency. Out-of-state providers accepting Wisconsin Shares must submit information to the Wisconsin Bureau of Early Care Regulation (BECR) before an authorization can be written. For more information on what items need to be submitted, visit the Out-of-state Providers Accepting Wisconsin Shares page.

FIS Contract

Child care providers are required to have a signed contract with Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), our Electronic Balance Transfer (EBT) card vendor, so that they can receive electronic fund transfers directly into their bank account.

Submission of Prices

Licensed and licensed out-of-state providers must provide their full and part-time prices to the local human services agency that issues child care authorizations. See the list of Wisconsin Shares contacts for providers.


Ensuring Continuity of Wisconsin Shares Authorizations During Child Care Program Transitions

In the case of a program ownership change, program location change, or a program changing the type of care provided, both families and providers must take a few steps to ensure that Wisconsin Shares Authorizations can continue. Read more.


Read about the upcoming changes to the Background Check Process, effective fall 2018.

Child Care Provider Limited Eligibility

Parents who are also child care providers may not receive Wisconsin Shares payments for providing child care for a child that lives with them. Additionally, child care providers are not eligible for Wisconsin Shares authorizations for child care at another child care provider unless they apply for and receive a waiver.

Parents who are child care providers (parent/providers) may be granted a waiver from their local county/tribal eligibility determining agency for individual children to receive Wisconsin Shares at another provider under the following circumstances:

  • The parent/provider is a foster parent, or
  • The parent/provider is a kinship care relative with a court order for placement and is receiving a kinship care benefit for the child, or
  • The parent/provider s a legal guardian receiving subsidized guardianship payments for the child, or
  • The child has a special need and the child's parent/provider is unable to care for the child at the provider's own home or group center, as verified by a physician or other qualified medical professional, or
  • The child is a child of a dependent minor parent who is enrolled in high school or a course that is approved by the state superintendent of public instruction for granting a high school graduation equivalency and resides with a person who is considered a parent and also a child care provider.


All eligibility information obtained by agencies is confidential. Therefore, local agencies are limited in their discussion of cases with child care providers. Child care providers should ask parents to contact their worker if the provider is expecting an authorization, but it has not been made. Child care providers must not disclose information regarding Wisconsin Shares families for any purpose other than for the administration of the program.

Child Care Authorizations

Authorizations for child care can only be created after a family has submitted all of their required verifications and have been confirmed eligible for Wisconsin Shares by the local eligibility determining agency. Authorizations for child care can be delayed because the parent has not submitted all of the verification requirements.

Authorizations are based upon the eligible family’s need for child care while the parent(s) are engaged in their approved activity. If the parent’s needs for child care changes, the parent must contact the eligibility agency about that change.

Authorization Information

Authorization information will be mailed to child care providers when authorizations begin, end, or change and at least every 3 months.  Authorization information can be viewed through the Provider Portal.

Parent Share of the Cost of Child Care

Child care providers are responsible to collect the difference between the amount the parent pays with the MyWIChildCare card and the actual cost of child care.

The Wisconsin Shares Child Care Policy and Process Handbook

To see the complete Wisconsin Shares policy, or to search for specific policies, reference the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Policy and Process Handbook.