Wisconsin Foster Parent Information

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Foster parents are important partners to children, their families and child welfare agencies across the state when a child welfare professional determines a child is currently unable to remain in their home. Foster parents (oftentimes relatives or like-kin of the child) temporarily care for a child until the child can return to their home or achieve permanency through guardianship or adoption.

Foster parents and child welfare professionals should work collaboratively with the child and their family to make this experience temporary and aimed at supporting the family to make necessary changes so the child can safely live in their home and community. The intention of foster care is for children to return home to their families, which is called reunification. In circumstances where reunification is unsuccessful, guardianship or adoption will be explored as permanency options for the child.

Help Families Reunify: Become a Foster Parent

Counties, tribes and private agencies license foster parents in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Family Connections Center

The Department of Children and Families has contracted with the Wisconsin Family Connections Center (WiFCC) to offer a variety of resources to individuals, families and caregivers with past or present involvement with foster care, adoption, reunification, kinship and guardianship, including:

  • Trainings and conferences
  • Support over the phone, email and in person
  • Support groups
  • Free family events
  • Learning materials
  • Short-term case management service

Staff at the WiFCC can also be reached by telephone at 1-800-762-8063.