How to Avoid Debit Card Fees

There are some fees associated with your Way2Go Debit MasterCard. To avoid paying these fees, use the tips on this page.

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Avoid Fees When Getting Cash
  • Use a MoneyPass ATM
  • Get cash back when shopping
  • Visit a teller at any bank displaying a MasterCard logo to request a cash withdrawal from your card.
Avoid Fees When Checking Your Card Balance
  • Call the number on the back of your card, 1-877-253-3686, any time.
  • View your account online at or the Go Program app.
  • Check your balance at a MoneyPass ATM surcharge-free.
  • Sign up for low balance notifications via text message, email or telephone at or on the Go Program app.
  • Check your receipt when you get cash from an ATM. The ATM receipt will show your card balance.
Avoid Fees for Denied Transactions
  • Check your account balance before using your card.
  • Pay inside at a gas station, as opposed to paying at the pump.