DMCPS Policies

The Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services' (DMCPS) policies and memos detail child welfare service delivery in Milwaukee provided by the DMCPS and contracted agencies. Policies are displayed below by the release date. Type a keyword into the search bar (below) to find a specific policy or related resource. Informational resources, such as guides, job aids, checklists and forms can be found in the Resources column below. Please note DMCPS administrative policies and some DMCPS resources and procedures are only accessible to DCF employees.

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Date Policy Code Policy or Memo Resources
7/11/2024 IA 32.00 and CM 1.00 Case Transition Policy and Memo

Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 48 Children's Code

Child Protective Services Safety Intervention Standards

Child Protective Services Access and Initial Assessment Standards

Ongoing Services Standards

Critical Incident Information - Wisconsin Act 78

7/3/2024 IA 6.00, IHS 2.00, CM 14.00 Identifying and Securing Services for Medically Complex Children in Out-of-Home Care or In-Home Services Policy and Memo

Consultations with DMCPS Health Unit Policy

Medical Evaluations for Children Policy

Process for Scheduling Medical Evaluations Memo

Medical Coverage for Children Entering Out-of-Home Care

11/20/2023   Complaint Procedure and Complaint Form

DMCPS Complaint Process

Complaint Form

4/23/2020   Early Intervention Services Procedure  
6/7/2021 2021-04 Memo DMCPS Procedure for Requesting Chapter 48 Guardianship  
5/12/2021 2021-03 Memo Suspension of DMCPS Statements of Support for New Group Homes Milwaukee County OHC Provider Group Home webpage
2/2/2021 2021-02 Memo Eligibility and Applying for the Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) Voucher in Milwaukee County  
1/7/2022 2022-01 Memo Notification to DMCPS regarding confirmed testing and/or exposure to COVID-19  
5/26/2020 IA 6.00, IIHS 2.00, OCM 14 Identifying and Securing Services for Medically Complex Children in Out-of-Home Care Policy  
5/26/2020 2020-04 Memo Special Conditions During COVID19 for Children and Families with Medical Conditions Memo DCF COVID-19 Guidance website 
4/8/2020 2020-02 Memo Placement of Youth in Milwaukee Quarantine/Isolation Locations Memo DCF COVID-19 Guidance website
4/3/2020 2020-03 Memo DMCPS Guidance for facilities required to isolate DCF COVID-19-Guidance website
3/25/2020 2020-01 Memo Update regarding notification to DMCPS regarding confirmed testing and/or exposure to COVID-19 Memo  DCF COVID-19 Guidance website
2/10/2020 Access 3.00 Access Section's Spanish Interpretation Process DMCPS Contracted Interpretation Services Information
3/1/2023 IA 4.00 Initial Assessment Certification Program

IASC Program Syllabus

IASC Program Syllabus Change Log

11/22/2017 2017-05-memo Medical Examiner Report Process Memo  
7/1/2019 2019-02-memo Case Transition Staffings from an Ongoing Case Management Agency to a Transition Resource Agency (TRA)

A Guide for Case Managers: How to Transition Youth from Ongoing Case Management to a Transition Resource Agency

Transitioning Youth from Ongoing Services to TRA DMCPS Due Date Tracker

4/17/2015 IA 7.01 OCM 3.00 Protective Planning Policy


DSP memo 2016-01

DSP memo 2016-05


IA 40.00

IA 40.01

After-Hours Sign Up Policy

After-Hours Policy 

After-Hours On-Call Verification Form
6/25/2018 2018-05-memo Temporary Suspension of Placements Memo  
5/7/2018 2018-03-memo Documenting Supplemental Medical Information in Access Reports Memo  
4/30/2018 IA 14.00 OCM 15.00 Obtaining and Executing a Pick-Up Order

Pick-Up Order Request Job Aid

Request for Temporary Physical Custody or Pick-Up Order

3/20/2019 OCM 13.00 School Changes for Children in Out-of-Home Care

Wisconsin School District Points of Contacts for School Change Requests

Ewisacwis Education Tab Job Aid for Ongoing Agencies

ESSA handout from Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

4/5/2018 OCM 10.02 Access to Adult Disability Services for Youth Leaving Foster Care

Adult LTC Referral Form Part I and II

Examining Psychologist's Report (GN 3130)

2/14/2018 IA 18.00 OCM 11.00 Voluntary Kinship Care policy DCF Kinship Care worker information webpage
12/17/2019 Access 2.0 OCM 9.00 Voluntary Transition to Independent Living Agreement (VTILA) Policy VTILA Form (DCF-F-5030-E)
6/21/2017 FCA 14.00, IA 10.00, OCM 16.00 Independent Investigation Assessments 2015-05-memo: Reopening an Approved Initial Assessment
6/12/2017 IA 33.00 OCM 44.00 Birth to 3 Program Referrals Policy

DMCPS Forms webpage:

Birth to 3 Referral Form;

Birth to 3 Consent Form;

Birth to 3 Consent Form Spanish;

Birth to 3 Info for Families

Milwaukee County Birth to 3 website page

6/6/2017 2017-04-memo Out-of-Home Care Providers Part A Form Process Memo

DSP memo 2016-07

OHC Providers Part A Form

DMCPS TPC Checklist

5/18/2017 ADM 1.00 OCM 50.00 Out-of-home Care Overpayments, Collections, and Reconciliation Policy

DCF-F-2890-E Form: DMCPS Overpayment (contact the DCF fiscal processing coordinator to obtain this Microsoft Excel form) 



3/20/2019 IA 34.00 IIHS 12.00 OCM 53.00 Missing Children Policy eWiSACWIS user guide: Missing Child Reporting and Assessment and Imaging person 
5/1/2017 IA 60.00 OCM 60.00 Photo Documentation Policy

eWiSACWIS user guide: Imaging person (explaining how to upload a child's photo) and Missing Child Reporting and Assessment

7/18/2019 2019-01-memo Request for Higher Level of Care (HLOC)Memo

DMCPS HLOC Request Form dcf-f-5184-e

DMCPS Out-of-state HLOC Staffing Form

Wraparound Referral Form

4/10/2017 2017-02-memo CAC Hours

DMCPS Policy IA 9, IIHS 2, OCM 4: Medical Evaluations for Children Policy

DMCPS Memo: Process for Scheduling Medical Evaluations

4/10/2017 IA 9.00, IIHS 2.00, OCM 4.00 Medical Evaluations for Children Policy 
and Process for Scheduling Medical Evaluations Memo
DMCPS memo 2017-02: CAC Hours
2/28/2020 IA 46.00 IIHS 14.00 Informal Disposition Agreement (IDA) Policy
8/26/2016 ADM 4.00 DMCPS Appeal Process for Substantiated Maltreatment Policy DCF Memo series 2014-07 and 2017-13
7/15/2016 FCA 21.00 IIHS 6.00 OCM 48.00 Respite Care Policy and Memo Respite Care Placement eWiSACWIS instructions; DSP Memo Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard
7/15/2016 IA 5.00 OCM 5.00 Sexual Offender Registry Process Policy and Memo SOR Contact Information Job Aid
6/1/2016 IA 30.00 OCM 27.00 Guardianship Policy 
and Memo

DMCPS Guardianship Access Screening Job Aid

DSP Memo 2019-12i High Cost Pool Funds for Tribal Subsidized Guardianship

10/25/2021 IA 49.00 OCM 46.00 IIHS 10.00 Consultations with DMCPS Health  Unit Policy 
OA and IA Supervisor Assignments for Health Alerts and EDS Reports
12/13/2018 IA 61.00 OCM 61.00 Education Passport Policy and Education Point of Contact Memo

School District Points of Contacts for Education Passports (scroll down when you arrive at the above webpage)

DMCPS Education Passport Form Job Aid; DCF Education Passport Form Sample

Permanency Plan Review Input Tool; Fillable Form for Schools to provide input to Ongoing Case Management Agencies

Education Passport Flow Chart

Education Passport Quick Reference Guide for eWiSACWIS;

Caseworker Desk Guide

5/9/2016 ADM 3.00 Fleet Vehicle Policy  
4/11/2016 ADM 7.00 DMCPS Visitor Policy  
7/14/2015 2015-05-memo Reopening an Approved Initial Assessment Memo  
4/20/2015 2015-04-memo Licensing of Foster Homes and Placement of Children Located in Neighboring Counties Memo n/a
4/10/2015 2015-03-memo Foster Care Health Screens for Children Placed Outside of the Six Pilot Counties Memo n/a
4/3/2015 2015-02-memo Extension of Out-of-Home Care : Requesting a Court Hearing Memo  Job Aid for Extension of OHC Form
3/16/2015   Intensive In-Home Services Friday Staffing Memo IIHS Staffing Attachment
8/1/2014 IA 1.01 Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) Notification Policy and Memo n/a
5/13/2014 2014-03-memo Documentation of MDT Meetings Memo Milwaukee County Joint Protocol: Child Abuse Review Team (CART)
4/24/2014 2014-02-memo Parents Abduction of a Child in DMCPS Custody Memo  
3/12/2014 2014-01 Care4Kids Enrollment Update  
2/12/2014 IA 50.00 IIHS 13.00 OCM 51.00 Non-custodial parent policy  
11/27/2013 ADM 5.00

Emergency Services Funding Policy


"Get It Done" Fund - Hergert Foundation Request
7/2/2013 IA 51.00, IIHS 13.00, OCM 52.00 Placement Referral Unit Policy and Memo n/a
8/21/2013 IA 39.00, IIHS 16.00, OCM 33.00 Organizing and Closing Case Files Policy Case Files Job Aid
4/15/2013 IA 53.00, IIHS 15.00, OCM 55.00 Pre-Disposition Notice of Change of Placement Policy and Memo Letter Template: Notice of Pre-Dispositional Change of Placement
2/21/2013 IA 8.00 Process for Locating Families  
2/7/2013 OCM 54.00 Permanency Support  
1/23/2013 ADM 2.00 Call-Back Policy and Tracking Procedure Call-Back Tracking Log
2/19/2018 IA 34.01 OCM 52.01 Children of Parents in Group Home Care DMCPS Missing Children Policy
3/27/2012 OCM 34.00 Frequency and Documentation of Contact with Children, Families, and Caregivers Policy and Memo  
3/21/2012 OCM 8.01 Approval of Foster Care Maintenance Rates in Excess of $2,000 n/a
1/12/2012 IA 25.01, OCM 17.00 Ongoing Case Management Registered Nurse Response to Suspected Child Maltreatment and Memo  
7/25/2011 OCM 2.01 Protocol for Ongoing Case Management and Safety Services Family Team Meetings Family Team Meeting Guidelines
8/9/2011 IA 20.00 OCM 6.00
Disclosure of Information to Foster Parents and Orange Packet Placements Policy n/a
6/21/2017 IA 23 OCM 7.02 Medical Coverage for Children Entering Out-of-Home Care

Letter to Medical Providers: Foster Child Information for Medical Coverage

eWiSACWIS person management user guide

2/17/2011 IA 25.01 OCM 4.02 Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)Assessment for Children Who Enter and Continue in Out-of-Home Care Policy n/a
4/18/2019 OCM 43.00 Permanency Roundtable (formerly called Permanency Consultation)

DCF webpage: Permanency Resources

PRT Flow chart

6/16/2010 FCA 10.10 OCM 10.10 Relative Caregiver Licensing Decision Policy and Memo n/a
9/8/2009 FCA 10.00 IA 16.00 OCM 10.00 Pre-placement Screening and Placement Plan for Potential Unlicensed Relatives n/a
1/1/2008 IA 12.00 Taking a Child into Custody Policy TPC Checklist  TPC Outline Guidelines
3/27/2018 IA 27.00 OCM 21.00 Obtaining Temporary and Permanent Guardianship

Forms: DMCPS Consent Request Form; DMCPS Permanent Guardianship Request Form; UCCJEA Form for Permanent Guardianship

Temporary Guardianship Request Worksheet Job Aid

5/26/2011 OCM 38.00 Travel by Foster Children with Foster Parents  
8/1/2007 IA 25.00, OCM 4.01 Medical Screening for Children Entering Placement Policy n/a
7/23/2019 OCM 36.00 Securing SSI and SSA Benefits SSI Eligibility List
2/20/2018 2018-02-memo Documenting Placement Decision-Making  
3/1/2022   Re-Confirming Safe Environments for OHC Providers n/a