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The dashboards below are interactive, visual reports that show DMCPS child welfare summary data. The hover capabilities provide helpful information. All dashboards are screen-reader friendly. A Tableau Dashboard Quick User Guide is available to support your use.

Child Protective Services (CPS) Data

Initial Assessment (IA) Dashboard

DMCPS information on IA and case performance.

Ongoing and Out of Home Care (OHC) Dashboard

DMCPS performance data for ongoing and OHC cases.

Independent Monitoring Report (IMR)

The DMCPS Independent Monitoring Report (IMR) provides pertinent information on key areas of the child welfare system in Milwaukee County. This expands on information historically included in the Jeanine B. Settlement Agreement (SA) and includes data about Access, Initial Assessment, Independent Investigations, outcomes related to Safety, Permanency, and Well-being, and information about the workforce. The IMR is intended to serve as a mechanism for maintaining transparency to both internal and external stakeholders while providing information about the overall functioning of Milwaukee County’s child welfare system.