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Colorful file folders with textFree Materials for Child Care Certifying Agencies

  • Brochures and articles on child development, positive guidance, health and safety, activities that enhance various important skills, and family child care business practices
  • Assembled by CCIC in cooperation with the DCF Division of Early Care and Education
  • Available to Wisconsin child care certifiers in quantity to use in "new provider" packets and when educating providers
  • Certification agencies may order DCF certification forms through DOA
  • Click the categories below to locate materials for download
  • Certifiers may use our catalog to order free print copies from CCIC


Record Keeping and Taxes

Child Development and Activity Ideas for Caregivers

Health and Safety


Child and Adult Care Food Program Meal Pattern Requirements     Infants     Ages 1-12

Child Abuse and Shaken Baby Prevention

Positive Guidance

Best Practices Tips: Guiding Behavior of Toddlers

Caring for the Little Ones: Structure for Success: 30 Preventive Discipline Techniques

Guidance Techniques That Work

Love at First Bite: The Problem of Biting in Young Children

Plain Talk about Child Discipline     Spanish

Plain Talk about How to Be a Perfect Parent     Spanish

Plain Talk about How to Deal with an Angry Child     Spanish

Positive Discipline: Six Strategies for Guiding Behavior

SIDS Risk Reduction

We recommend Safe Sleep for Your Baby, available free in English or Spanish from the Safe to Sleep Campaign, 1-800-505-CRIB (2742).

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