Resource Materials for Child Care Providers

Colorful file folders.

  • Guidelines for new providers, each a few pages in length
  • Some related to licensed family child care, some to group center care, most to both
  • Developed by Child Care Licensing Specialists, Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA), Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies in Madison and Milwaukee, other state agencies
  • Single print copies available to any Wisconsin child care provider or educator, and multiple copies of brochures for parents
  • Click the categories below to locate materials for download
  • Providers may use a catalog to order free print copies from CCIC 

E. Resource List - DCF 250/251 Appendix D

  1. DCF Approved Agencies Offering Non-Credit Child Care Courses
  2. Credit to Hours Conversion – Technical Colleges and Universities
  3. Child Care Background Check (CBC) Frequently Asked Questions – Licensed Child Care
  4. Collaborative Child Care Programs – Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Wisconsin Child Care Administrator Credential
  6. The Registry Career Levels
  7. Together - Children Grow: Quality Child Care for Children with Special Needs Spanish
  8. It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Child…Report Child Abuse and Neglect Spanish
  9. Center Medication and Injury Log - Directions for Use Spanish
  10. Storing and Warming Infant Bottles and Food
  11. Situations That Require Medical Attention Right Away
  12. Communicable Diseases Chart + order info
  13. (Exclusion Guidelines replaced by #12)
  14. Car Safety Seat Information Spanish
  15. Common Plants – What’s Poisonous and What’s Not
  16. Prevention of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids (Universal & Standard Precautions for Child Care Centers)
  17. OSHA Regulations on Bloodborne Pathogens
  18. (Approved Sanitizer List replaced by #23)
  19. Transportation of Children in 10+ Passenger Vans to and from School
  20. Early Years Are Learning Years – Time Out for “Time-Out”
  21. Managing Crying, Fussing, or Distraught Children (information packet)
  22. Child Care Weather Watch - Wisconsin
  23. Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting in Child Care Settings
  24. Guidance for Child Care Providers Regarding Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Child Care Settings
  25. Food Storage Chart
  26. Entry Level Courses – Early Childhood Professionals
  27. Entry Level Courses – School-age Professionals
  28. Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers
  29. Daily Attendance Record – Licensed Child Care Centers  Spanish
  30. Instructions for Obtaining Forms – Group and Family Child Care Centers
  31. Required Items for Family Child Care Centers
  32. Required Items for Group Child Care Centers
  33. Staff-to-Child Ratio While Swimming Worksheet – Group and Family Child Care
  34. Staff-to-Child Ratio Worksheet – Group Child Care Centers

A. Group Child Care Policy Guidelines

AA. Family Child Care Policy Sample

B. Administration

C. Health and Safety

D. Equipment

F. Child Guidance and Positive Discipline

41. Five Tips for Guiding Children’s Behavior
42. Guidance Techniques that Work
43. Love at First Bite
44. Love and Learn (English or Spanish)
45. Helping Young Children Learn Self-Control

H. Brochures for Parents on Selecting and Evaluating Child Care

1. Your Guide to Regulated Child Care: Your Summary of the Child Care Rules Spanish
This guide for parents summarizes the child care rules. Licensed and certified child care providers are required to give this form to the parents of each child upon enrollment. You are encouraged to print this yourself as needed on letter-size paper.

3. Your Guide to Choosing Child Care Spanish
This brochure gives pointers to parents on what to look for in choosing child care or evaluating the child care center or home they are already using, some of their responsibilities as parents and child care users, and how to contact Resource and Referral agencies, certifying agencies, and licensing field offices.

I. Brochures for Parents on Child Rearing: Plain Talk Series

J. Brochures for Staff and Parents on Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

2. 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children (child sexual abuse prevention) Spanish
3. What Is Child Abuse and Neglect? / Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect Spanish / Spanish
4. Safe, Adventurous and Loving -- 5-step anti-victim training process for grownups to teach children
5. What Parents Can Do About Stress Spanish
6. Babies Cry Be Prepared Hmong Spanish
7. Learn the 5 Strengths That Keep Families Strong Spanish