Providers Who Want to Accept Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidies

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If you are a Wisconsin child care provider who wants to accept families using Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy, please read through the below information and complete all of the required steps.

If you are a child care provider located outside of Wisconsin and are interested in caring for a child that is eligible for Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy, visit our Out-of-State Provider page.

Step 1 Regulation

Child care providers must be regulated through licensing by the state, certified by a county or tribe, or operated by a Wisconsin public school board.

A. Tax Identification Number

Child care providers must provide their Tax Identification Number to their regulation agency in order to be eligible to receive Wisconsin Shares.


Step 2 YoungStar Participation

Wisconsin child care providers must participate in the YoungStar Quality Rating System. Once your YoungStar contract is in place, DCF will generate a Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) Provider ID letter that provides you with your unique FIS Provider ID and instructions on where to go online to complete the FIS Provider Agreement. The FIS Provider ID is a letter followed by 6 numbers (Example E123456). The FIS Provider ID letter is also stored on the Child Care Provider Portal in the Documents section.

Use the following options to learn more about YoungStar and what you need to do become a YoungStar participant. Find out more about applying to YoungStar.

Note: If you submitted your YoungStar Contract prior to being granted a license or certification, remember follow up with your local YoungStar office to submit your Facility ID or Provider Number listed on your license/certificate.

Step 3 Submission of Prices

Licensed and out-of-state providers must provide their weekly full and part-time prices to the local human services agency that issues child care authorizations. See the list of Wisconsin Shares contacts for providers. Certified providers do not have to submit prices.

Step 4 Complete the FIS Provider Contract

Child care providers are required to have completed a agreement with Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), FIS is Wisconsin’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card vendor. The FIS Provider contract must:

  • Include your FIS provider ID
  • Include your Tax Identification Number (TIN). Future annual 1099K documents will be sent to the provider from FIS instead of the State of Wisconsin.
  • Include your checking account number. Wisconsin Shares Payments from parents are made by Electronic Funds Transfer directly into the provider’s checking account.
  • Select a cutoff time of 6 p.m. to get your payments as soon as possible.

Providers can contact FIS Merchant Services at 800-894-0050 for assistance with the FIS Provider Contracting process from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. FIS can take up to a week to review and approve the FIS Provider contract.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to have Wisconsin Shares authorizations made to your program.

Learn more about the MyWIChildCare EBT Card.