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If you suspect Child Care Fraud, be a part of the solution. You may remain anonymous. Please fill out the Child Care Fraud Form, or email dcfmbchildcarefraud

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Report a Child Care Concern or Complaint

If you have a concern about something going on in a child care facility or you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation at a child care facility, please use the drop-down menu on the Tell Us How We Are Doing page to fill out the appropriate complaint form.

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Participating in YoungStar

Looking to participate in Youngstar for the first time? Maybe you're already participating and it's time to renew. No matter where you are in the process, YoungStar is here to help!

Congratulations on making the choice to improve the quality of your program. One of the first steps you need to take in order to participate in YoungStar is to fill out and submit a YoungStar contract. Contracts are valid for two (2) years and are renewable. 

*Please note that by signing and submitting a YoungStar contract, you are agreeing to provide care for children participating in the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program

To get started, choose the YoungStar contract that best fits your language needs:  English  --  Spanish

Important: ALL programs must be in regulatory compliance to participate in YoungStar. Visit the Child Care Regulation web page for more information.

Contract Step 1: Would you like someone from YoungStar to visit and rate your program?

  • No = Option A: If you DO NOT wish to have YoungStar staff provide technical assistance or rate your program, you can complete and return a YoungStar Contract and your program will automatically be assigned a 2 Star rating.
  • Yes = Option B: If you WOULD like to have YoungStar staff visit and rate your program, you can complete and return a YoungStar Contract. Once the contract is received, a YoungStar Technical Consultant (TC) will provide assistance before rating your program. By choosing this option, your program could receive between 2 Stars and 5 Stars. For more information on ratings, please visit the YoungStar Rating Criteria page.
  • Accredited = Option C: If your program is accredited by one of the accrediting agencies that is accepted as equivalent to a YoungStar rating, your program may automatically receive 4 or 5 Stars.  
    Note: The Department of Children of Families must have a current copy of your accreditation certificate on file.
  • Public Collaborations: see YoungStar Contract for more information on the following program types:
    • Head Start and/or Early Head Start
    • 4-year Old Kindergarten (4K)

Contract Step 2: Enter your program information on The Registry.

In order to earn 3 Stars or higher in YoungStar, your program must meet certain education qualifications. The education of you and your staff is verified through The Registry, which means that you will need to have a current and up to date program profile on file with The Registry. The following list of actions can help you learn what information needs to be entered into The Registry for each program type.

  • Actions for Group Child Care

    • Ensure that all Lead Teachers and the Center Director qualifications are current and accurately reflected by The Registry Career Level assigned.
  • Actions for Family Child Care

    • Ensure that the Primary Caregiver qualifications are current and accurately reflected by The Registry Career Level assigned. If the owner is not the Primary Caregiver / Teacher, then the qualifications of the person listed as the Primary Caregiver/Teacher will be evaluated.
  • Actions for School-Age Care

    • Ensure the educational qualifications of the Group Leaders and the Site Supervisor / Coordinator / Administrator / Director are current and accurately reflected by The Registry Career Level assigned.
  • Actions for Administrators/Owners of Group, Family or School-Age Programs

    • Create an Organization Account or update a Program Profile with The Registry. Learn how to do this using the instructions below. If you have questions, contact the Child Care Information Center: 1-800-362-7353.

Additional Resources

Contract Step 3: Submit your YoungStar Contract.

When ready, return your completed and signed YoungStar contract to your local YoungStar Connect office.

Find the address, phone number, email, and fax number of your local YoungStar office.

Providers that are already participating in YoungStar are required to re-apply every two (2) years. A renewal contract is automatically mailed to your program approximately 4 months (or 120 days) before your anniversary month (your anniversary month is the month your first rating was active in YoungStar). In order to continue receiving YoungStar services and be eligible for Wisconsin Shares authorizations, make sure your completed renewal contract is received by your local YoungStar office by the first day of your anniversary month.

Please understand that your ability to accept Wisconsin Shares Subsidy payments is tied to your participation and rating in YoungStar. If you fail to renew your YoungStar contract in the specified time frame, you will no longer be eligible for Wisconsin Shares authorizations and families participating in the Wisconsin Shares program will need to find alternative care for their children. In order to reduce the possibility of this occurring, parents of children in the Wisconsin Shares program will be notified 30 days prior to your anniversary month that you have not yet returned your YoungStar Contract Renewal. If the YoungStar Contract Renewal is still not received one week prior to your anniversary month, parents will be notified that their Wisconsin Shares authorizations to your program will be ending.

Similar to the renewal process, a YoungStar Request for Off-Year Services application will automatically be mailed to your program approximately 4 months (or 120 days) before your anniversary month (this application is sent on the years that a contract renewal is not required). Programs are not required to be rated or receive support services during their off-year, but we are always ready and willing to support you and your program along your path to continued quality improvement. Programs who choose off-year services can receive technical consultation or a rating without consultation.

If you lost your contract, never received one, or if you have a question or need assistance, please contact your local YoungStar office.

Providers in other states (e.g., Iowa, Illinois, Michigan or Minnesota) who care for children with a Wisconsin Shares authorization DO NOT need to fill out a YoungStar contract. Instead, please read through and follow the steps located on the Out-of-State Providers Accepting Wisconsin Shares page.

If a program has an existing location(s) and opens a new location, the program is responsible for submitting a new YoungStar Contract for that location (see "Participating in YoungStar for the First Time" above to download a new YoungStar contract).

Every location needs its own YoungStar contract and will receive its own YoungStar rating.

Submit all YoungStar Contracts to your local YoungStar office.

If at any point you have a question or need assistance, please contact your local YoungStar office.