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Child Care Provider Portal Information

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What is the DCF Child Care Provider Portal?

The Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP) is a secure website, available 24/7, where regulated Wisconsin Child Care Providers can manage their child care business using any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection.

The CCPP enables child care programs to:

  • Submit background checks on individuals affiliated with your program
  • View background check eligibility status and notices
  • View MyWIChildCare authorizations and payment details
  • Update your child care prices (required for licensed centers participating in MyWIChildCare program)
  • Send a request to end a MyWIChildCare authorization for a child who is no longer attending or has never attended your program
  • Report days (or weeks) your child care program will be closed so a parent can request an authorization to an alternate provider during your closure
  • View YoungStar quality rating information and documents
  • View certain Licensing, Certification and Registry details/documents


How do I request access to the Child Care Provider Portal (CCPP)?

How do I use the Child Care Provider Portal?

Watch a brief training video for further information on the Portal.

An email was sent out on the Child Care listserv in September 2018 notifying child care providers about the automation changes to WISCCRS and the Child Care Provider Portal.

CCPP User Guide

View or download the Child Care Provider Portal User Guide for complete instructions on using the Provider Portal.

CCPP Training and Resources

CCPP Login

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have questions about the Provider Portal or other child care systems, read the Systems Contact Information to find the right contact to answer your questions.


Note: The information in the Child Care Provider Portal is confidential, and everyone using this system must follow confidentiality guidelines. Please read the Wisconsin Statutes regarding disclosing information about child care subsidy recipients.

Wisconsin Statutes on Confidential Information. See sections 49.32(9), 49.32(10), 49.32(10m), 49.81, 49.83, and 19.69.

Below are confidentiality guidelines that all registered users must follow:

  1. Only staff with a User ID and security access to CCPP should be viewing information on CCPP. Each staff member authorized to use CCPP should have his/her own User ID.
  2. Registered users should not share a User ID/Password with anyone. Remember that you are responsible for keeping your User ID and Password secure.