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Wisconsin Shares Policy Changes Fall 2023

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As of October 1, 2023, changes have been made to the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy program in an effort to comply with federal regulations and to improve family-friendly approaches to the program.

There are two major changes to the program:

  • Subsidy changed from an hourly amount to a part-time or full-time amount.
  • Families have the opportunity to request funds to pay for registration fees.

These changes help to improve access and affordability, strengthen the child care workforce, and improve quality by:

  • Promoting a more family-friendly and provider-friendly program
  • Increasing payments to providers, which helps to support the provider workforce and ensure that families utilizing subsidy can afford high-quality child care
  • Creating more consistency in the amount Wisconsin Shares contributes towards the cost of care and reduces the financial burden on parents

See additional details on the parent/caregiver and child care provider pages using the buttons below.