How to Ensure Continuity of Wisconsin Shares Authorizations During Child Care Program Transitions

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In the case of a program ownership change, program location change, or a program changing the type of care provided, both families and providers must take a few steps to ensure that Wisconsin Shares Authorizations can continue.

Important Information to Give to Families

As soon as a provider notifies a family of a change, families should contact their local agency worker to assist them with determining how to best continue authorizations. The conversation should happen before the end of the month so the benefit load on the EBT card is correct for the following month. Families need to know the date of when authorizations to the current program ends and the date of when authorizations to the new program should begin when they contact their local agency.  
Important Information for Providers

YoungStar Policy: The first steps to successfully complete a program or location change are to notify your licensor/certifier and your local YoungStar office. Each agency will have a different process for paperwork, so make sure to contact each agency individually. If your provider number has already changed, then you need to contact your local YoungStar office and child care subsidy agency to make sure they have noted the change. If your provider number has or is going to change: It is essential that you contact families as soon as you have your new provider number. Families will need to know when your old provider number ends and your new provider number begins to ensure no lapse in authorizations.

Licensing / Certification: Contact your licensing specialist or certifying agency regarding any changes that may affect the license/certification. Wisconsin licensing rules state that a licensee may not make a change that affects a condition of the license without prior written approval of the department, and may not move the child care program to a new location or change ownership without notifying the department at least 30 days prior to the change. Certification rules require a child care provider to submit a request to the certification agency if the operator wishes to change locations. A new application is required to be submitted and a new license/certification issued when a child care program moves or changes ownership.

Wisconsin Shares: Before being eligible for Wisconsin Shares, a provider must submit a YoungStar contract to their local YoungStar office. Then the provider must contact their local agency to ensure they have the correct full and part-time prices on file. If the child care program ownership has changed, the new owner must contact Fidelity Information Services (FIS) to ensure they have a signed contract on file before becoming eligible to receive Wisconsin Shares payments from families.