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How to Order MyWIChildCare Printed Materials

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Read about how to order printed copies of any MyWIChildCare brochure or poster here. You may also download PDFs of MyWIChildCare materials from the links below.

If you run out of brochures or posters, we have extras for free at Department of Administration (DOA) Document Sales & Distribution Center in Madison.
NOTE: Not all of the new materials may be available to order. Please check back frequently to see if the materials are in stock.


Use the online ordering process here at the DOA Website:


The cost of printing and shipping is covered by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Under the "Browse By Agency" section, click on Department of Children and Families to view the complete list of forms and publications that are available to order. Please note that many items are packaged in multiple quantities.

Download PDFs of the MyWIChildCare materials from each of the links below.

MyWIChildCare Posters

MyWIChildCare Brochures