Foster Care Forms & Publications for Workers

A comprehensive list of forms and publications for use by Wisconsin Foster Care Workers.

Foster Care Publications

A list of Department of Children and Families (DCF) publications for foster care workers and families.

Foster Homes Liability Insurance Program

Foster Homes Liability Insurance Program brochure (DCF-P-PFS02010)

Licensing Foster Parents

Becoming Licensed as a Foster Parent When Caring for a Relative brochure (DCF-P-4092)

State of Wisconsin Foster Parent Handbook (DCF-P-5000)

Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard brochure (DCF-P-5105)

Uniform Foster Care Rate Setting

Uniform Foster Care Rate Setting Policy

Uniform Foster Care Rate Setting brochure (DCF-P-PFS0142)

Other Foster Care Publications

Foster Care Forms

A list of Department of Children and Families (DCF) forms for foster care processes.

Foster Parent Insurance Program

Foster Parent Licensing

Joint Court Ordered Kinship Care and Foster Care Application (DCF-F-2483-E)

Relative Caregiver Licensing Decision (DCF-F-2479-E)

Child Foster Care Licensing Checklist (DCF-F-CFS0787)

Foster Home Licensure Notification (DCF-F-CFS2187-E)

Foster Home Information for eWiSACWIS (DCF-F-CFS2386-E)

DCF 12 Negative Action Notice (DCF-F-CFS2191-E)

Multipurpose Home Study Report - Couples / Single (DCF-F-2402-E)

Multipurpose Home Study Update / Recertification (DCF-F-2623-E)

Frequently asked questions for Foster Care Exception Requests

Application to DCF Exceptions Panel for Exception to Ch. DCF 56 (Foster Home Licensing) (DCF-F-0847-E)

Exceptions Panel Application - Addendum (DCF-F-5229-E DCF)

Application for Certification and Child Placement Level 5 Foster Home (DCF-F-2559-E)


Foster Parent Training

Placement of Foster Children

Voluntary Placement Agreement (DCF-F-CFS1590-E)

Voluntary Placement Agreement for an Indian Child (DCF-F-CFS-2425-E)

Notification of the Removal of a child from the Custody of his or her Parent and Placement into Out-of-Home Care (DCF-F-2473-E)

Information for Out-of-Home Care Providers (DCF-F-CFS0872)

Foster Home Agreement Child Placed in Out-of-Home Care by Agency (DCF-F-CFS0107-E)

Out-of-Home Placement or Recommended Placement Notification (DCF-F-CFS2189-E)

Medical Services Consent (DCF-F-CFS0997)

Screening for Child’s Status as Indian (DCF-F-CFS2322-E)

Child’s Biological Family History (DCF-F-CFS2323)

Request for Confirmation of Child’s Indian Status (DCF-F-CFS2016-E)

Uniform Foster Care Rate Setting

Uniform Foster Care Rate Setting (DCF-F-CFS0834)

Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS):

Other Foster Care Forms

Notice to Foster Parents Regarding Confidentiality of Records (DCF-F-CFS2186)

Family Finding Referral and Intake (DCF-F-5055-E)

Child-Specific Recruitment Consent (DCF-F-5057-E)

Extended Relative and Non-Relative Search and Engagement Consent (DCF-F-5058-E)

Seneca Search Request (DCF-F-5059-E)