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Wisconsin Child Care Licensing Rules and Manuals


Free copies of the licensing rules and commentary manuals are available by clicking directly on the links listed below.  You may duplicate copies of the rules if you choose. 

Purchase printed copies: To purchase printed copies of the rule books and commentary manuals, see the DCF-F-CFS4099 - Instructions for Obtaining Licensing Rule Books.  



Child Care Background Checks

Family Child Care Centers

Group Child Care Centers

Day Camps

Emergency Rule DCF 201

  • Emergency Rule DCF 201.039(10m) Section 39 - DECLARATION OF DISASTER. An authorization issued for child care for a specific provider at a specific location may remain effective at another provider that meets the conditions under s. DCF 201.038 (1) if the location identified in the authorization is within an area covered by a declaration of a state of emergency by the governor under s. 323.10, Stats.