I Have a Wisconsin Shares Overpayment.
What do I do?

Money in hands


What is an Overpayment?

As a result of an investigation, it was determined that there was a period in which you were not eligible for child care. The overpayment amount was determined by adding the child care benefits paid to your provider for child care during the time you were not eligible.


What do I do if I don’t agree with the Overpayment?

A notice will be sent to you in the mail, explaining the reason for the overpayment, error type, and amount of the overpayment. If you feel the agency was not correct in its decision, you can request a Fair Hearing by writing to:

Division of Hearing and Appeals
P.O. Box 7875
Madison, WI 53707-7875

You should also contact the individual assigned to your overpayment to discuss in detail the reason for the overpayment and options for resolution.


Why are Repayment Agreements Important?

The repayment agreement allows you to identify how you would like to repay your overpayment. If you fail to complete and return the repayment agreement, miss, or submit late payments on three non-consecutive occasions, the following actions may occur:

  • Referral to a credit bureau
  • Referral to Federal or State Tax Offset
  • Suit for money judgment and interest
  • Wage garnishment


What are my Options for Repayment?

The Public Assistance Collection Unit (PACU) is the State's central collection unit responsible for the recovery of delinquent public assistance overpayments. Payment methods are listed below:

Mail: Public Assistance Collection Unit, P.O. Box 8938, Madison, WI 53708

Internet: State of Wisconsin - DWD ePayment Center

Check or money orders are made out to the Public Assistance Collection Unit.

Please include your PIN or Provider Number on your check or money order to ensure proper posting.