How to Schedule an Authorization Appointment - Guide for Families

Use the Parent Portal to schedule a phone or in-person appointment with an agency worker to discuss a child care authorization request, child care payment issue, or other authorization-related concerns. To schedule an appointment, you must have an open child care case.

Step 1 - From the home page, select the Appointment List box. 

Parent Portal Welcome and Appointment List Button Screenshot


Step 2 - Click the Schedule Appointment button.

Parent Portal Appointment List Screenshot with Schedule Button


Step 3 - Select if you would prefer a phone or an in-person appointment. After preference is selected click Next Page button. 
Note: In-person is not currently available in Milwaukee County.

Parent Portal screenshot with Appointment Type Information


Step 4 - Select an available time slot. If no time slots are available, use the Next Page tab to view future appointment time slots. 

Parent Portal screenshot with Appointment Slot information


Step 5 - Enter in the comments what you would like to discuss in this appointment. (Please note: If the request is not submitted within 30 minutes, your slot may be taken by another parent).
Note: If you need a translator, please click “Yes” and enter the language requested in the language box.

Parent Portal screenshot with Appointment Details screen


Step 6 - After the appointment has been scheduled, it will show the scheduled appointments and their statuses.

Parent Portal screenshot with parent schedule information


Important: If your case is closed, please contact Milwaukee Enrollment Services. If you are having issues with scheduling an appointment, please contact an authorization worker at: 1-888-947-6583.