Licensing Rules with Commentary

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Due to the size of this publication, it is made available to download as an entire manual, or in separate parts. The portion of the publication that is numbered and in regular print is the Administrative Code. The portion of the publication that is within boxes and in italicized print is the commentary that was prepared by staff of the Department of Children and Families. The publications are divided according to the sections of the rule and the pages are numbered consecutively. There is a header on each page that contains the rule cite for the portion of the rules beginning on that page.

Please contact your regional office if you have questions.

Printed copies of the commentary manuals are not for sale from the department.

Family Child Care Centers

Entire Family Child Care Manual

DCF 250  - Licensing Rules for Family Child Care Centers w/ Commentary DCF-P-PFS4069

Family Child Care Manual in separate parts


D Resources List
  1. Car Safety Seat Information (Car Safety Seat Check-Up)
  2. Center Medication and Injury Log - Directions for Use (DCF-P-5185) English
  3. Child Care Background Checks (CBC) FAQ - Licensed Child Care
  4. Child Care Weather Watch - Wisconsin
  5. Communicable Diseases Chart & Order Info
  6. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting in Child Care Settings (DCF-P-5201)
  7. Collaborative Child Care Program - Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Common Plants - What's Poisonous
  9. Credit to Hours Conversion - Technical Colleges and Universities
  10. Daily Attendance Record - Licensed Child Care Centers (DCF-F-2438)
  11. DCF Approved Agencies Offering Non-Credit Child Care Courses (DCF-P-5202)
  12. Early Years are Learning Years - Time Out for "Time Out"
  13. Entry Level Courses – Early Childhood Professionals
  14. Entry Level Courses – School-age Professionals
  15. Guidance for Child Care Providers Regarding Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Child Care Settings
  16. Instructions for Obtaining Forms - Group Child Care & Family Child Care Centers (DCF-P-PFS3038)
  17. Managing Crying, Fussing or Distraught Children (information packet)
  18. OSHA Regulations on Bloodborne Pathogens
  19. Prevention of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids
  20. Required Items for Family Child Care Centers (DCF-P-5414)
  21. Safe Food Storage
  22. Situations that Require Medical Attention Right Away
  23. Staff-to-Child Ratio While Swimming Worksheet - Group and Family Child Care (DCF-F-2465)
  24. Storing and Warming Infant Bottles and Food (DCF-P-5396)
  25. Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers
  26. The Registry Administrator Credential
  27. The Registry Career Levels
  28. Together Children Grow – Quality Child Care for Children with Special Needs
  29. What You Should Know About CCA-Pressure-Treated Wood for Decks, Playgrounds, and Picnic Tables resource

Group Child Care Centers

Entire Group Child Care Manual

DCF 251 - Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers w/ Commentary DCF-P-PFS4024

Group Child Care Manual in separate parts


D Resources List

Day Camps

Entire Day Camp Manual

DCF 252 - Licensing Rules for Day Camps for Children w/ Commentary DCF-P-2532

Day Camp Manual in separate parts


D Resources List